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InfoQ Homepage News QCon San Francisco 2016 Trackhosts Confirmed

QCon San Francisco 2016 Trackhosts Confirmed

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QCon San Francisco, the largest English speaking conference organized by InfoQ, returns to the Bay Area November 7-9 for its tenth successive year.

A series of deeply technical, architect/senior developer-focused international events with a focus on innovator and early adopter software trends, QCon spans the globe with events in the UK, China, Brazil, and North America.

There are 18 tracks at QCon San Francisco, each an individually curated full-day vertical conference focused on important topics for software developers.

In addition to QCon favorites around Java, Architecture, and Microservices, there are cutting edge, innovator tracks around new interfaces in UX Reimagined, Stream processing, and Distributed Systems war stories.

Each track is curated by domain experts in their specific area. Aaron Hillegass is the track host for UX Reimagined, and is the founder and CEO of Big Nerd Ranch. Exploring the new trends in human machine interaction today, UX Reimagined tackles the topics that could be the next disruption in the industry, like ChatBots, Virtual Reality, and Voice Interface.

Aaron is just one of the 18 track hosts featured at QCon San Francisco.

The full list of track hosts is as follows:

In addition to the three days of technical content, QCon offers two additional days of deep, real-world workshops. New this year to QCon San Francisco is a focus on half-day workshops. Aiming for more choice and a broader exposure to innovator and early adopter topics, the workshops provide value for tight training budgets.

You can find the continually evolving workshop list online at; some of the areas in the works include:

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Registration is $1,895 ($700 off) for the 3-day conference if you register before July 30th. Register now to receive the best rate available.

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