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InfoQ Homepage News Serverless, Microservices, Architecture, Streaming, & Culture Highlighted for QCon SF 2016

Serverless, Microservices, Architecture, Streaming, & Culture Highlighted for QCon SF 2016

It’s hard to believe we are only 8 weeks from the 10th annual QCon San Francisco.

San Francisco is the flagship location of the international software conference series known as QCon. QCon is the developer-focused conference that shuns the idea of marketing inside technical editorial content to offset costs. Instead, the conference focuses on clearly separating Editorial and Marketing sessions into distinctly labeled tracks (18 Technical Editorial and 6 Sponsored tracks over the conference's three days) to deliver a developer-first conference experience.

As a conference by developers for developers, QCon delivers to attendees:

  • A Developer over Evangelist speaker selection process
  • No marketing material hidden in editorial tracks
  • 140+ practitioner speakers from places like Uber, Google, Dropbox, Slack, and Twitter
  • 11 to 1 attendee to speaker ratio
  • Video recordings included for all sessions allowed by speakers without upcharging attendees

Each of the 18 editorial tracks (a track is 5 talks and 1 open space/workshop) at QCon is a vertical conference curated and hosted by a trackhost (an expert in that domain). Engineering leaders hosting tracks this year include: Ines Sombra (Engineer @Fastly), Aaron Hillegass (Founder/CEO @BigNerdRanch), Tracy Lee (@ModernWeb_), and 15 other engineering leaders that you can learn more about on the published online schedule.

QCon San Francisco tracks are heavily focused on architecture, including topics like: Architecture’s You’ve Always Wondered About, Distributed Systems War StoriesArchitecting for Failure and Next Generation Microservices. In addition to the heavy architecture and deeply technical focused tracks found at QCon, developers also find tracks focused on CultureOptimizing You, & Softskills. There are event tracks that offer deep-dives in areas like DevOps, Security, and Web Tier Apps.

If you are a leader in software, QCon offers sessions and advice to grow your career and build your network. It is an amazing balance of what you need to be a modern software developer, architect, or leader.

Some of this year’s most anticipated talks include:

With such amazing content and speakers, it’s easy to think that QCon is just the three days of the conference. However, the two days following the conference have some of the best workshop content you will find. Half-day workshops on topics like SparkFlink, CQRS, DDD, Angular, React, RxJava, and .NET Memory Manage are examples of the 28 different workshops available. This is the richest set of workshops ever offered at QCon.

Registration is $2,095 ($500 off) for the 3-day conference if you register before Sep 17th. Register now to receive the best rate available.

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