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InfoQ Homepage News Tracks Announced & Registrations off to a Fast Start: QCon London 2017 (March 6-10, 2017) Update

Tracks Announced & Registrations off to a Fast Start: QCon London 2017 (March 6-10, 2017) Update

QCon London 2017, the 11th annual practitioner-driven conference designed for team leads, architects and influencers driving innovation in their teams, hosts more than 125 speakers across 18 concurrent tracks over three days this upcoming March. Track topics have been finalized and published to the conference website. Ticket sales for this year’s conference are off to a fast start - register before December 17 2016 and save up to £360.

We are proud to announce the QCon London 2017 track topics. As in the past, each track is an individually curated vertical conference dedicated to fully explore a timely, modern software topic. Attendees can stay in individual tracks or jump between all of them to create a custom experience.

Track topics/themes for QCon London 2017 include:

  • Applied JavaScript: Angular, React, Electron, Node - The hottest trends and techniques in the JavaScript space
  • Fast & Furious: Ad Serving, Finance & Performance - Learn some of the tips and technicals of high speed, low latency systems in Ad Serving and Finance
  • Observability Done Right: Automating insight & Software Telemetry - Tools, practices, and methods to know what your system is doing
  • Architecting for Failure - Building fault tolerant systems that are truly resilient
  • Java: Interesting Stuff in the Space - What do you need to know about Java: JDK9, low latency, and more
  • Performance Mythbusting - Performance myths that need busting and the tools & techniques to get there
  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About - QCon classic track. You know the names. Hear their lessons and challenges
  • Managing Tech Debt - How do you evolve your code and modernize your architecture when you're stuck with part legacy code and technical debt? Lessons from the trenches
  • Practical Cryptography & Blockchains: Beyond the Hype - Looking past the hype of blockchain technologies, alternate title: Weaselfree Cryptography & Blockchain
  • Containers- State of the Art - What is the state of the art, what's next, & other interesting questions on containers
  • Modern CS in the Real World - Applied, practical, & real-world dive into industry adoption of modern CS ideas
  • Security: The Attacker's Mindset - How Attackers Think. Penetration testing techniques, exploits, toolsets, and skills of software hackers
  • Data Engineering: Where the Rubber Meets the Road in Data Science - Science does not imply engineering. Engineering tools and techniques for Data Scientists
  • Modern Distributed Architectures - Migrating, deploying, and realizing modern cloud architecture
  • Softskills: Essential Skills for Developers - Skills for the developer in the workplace
  • Engineering Culture @ <insert cool companies here> - Culture, Organization Structure, Modern Agile War Stories
  • Modern Learning Systems - Deepmind, Tensorflow, AI, Deep Learning, Autonomous Vehicles to log analysis. Learning systems are potentially major disruptions to our systems and ways of thinking
  • Workhorse Languages, Not Called Java - Workhorse languages not called Java

Last year’s event brought together over 1300 practitioners who saw presentations from speakers such as:

  • Juergen Hoeller - Co-Founder and project lead of the Spring Framework
  • Mitchell Hashimoto - Creator of Vagrant, Packer, Consul. CEO of Hashicorp
  • Norman Maurer - Netty Core Developer & Cloud Infrastructure Engineering @Apple
  • Micah Lemonik - MasterMind behind Google Docs & Engineering lead in Google Apps group
  • Sudhir Tonse - Engineering Manager @Uber - Marketplace Data & Forecasting
  • Christina Camilleri - Penetration Tester & Social Engineer @BishopFox
  • Josh Evans - Director of Operations Engineering @Netflix
  • Eric Evans - Creator of Domain Driven Design
  • Christina Camilleri - Penetration Tester & Social Engineer @BishopFox

Full coverage from last year's event can be found here.

Registration is £1,290 (a £360 savings) for the three day event until December 17, and increases afterwards each month.

Note: QCon discounts are available on groups as small as three attendees. To qualify for special QCon London savings, you must register your group at the same time. For more details and to apply for a discount code, please contact

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