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Developing for the Microsoft Surface Hub

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Microsoft has released a series of nine videos to explain how to design and develop applications for the Microsoft Surface Hub.

These videos are intended for both developers and designers who are using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The UWP allows your application to run on some or all of a variety of devices such as HoloLens, Xbox, phones, computers, or Surface Hub. With UWP you can also take advantage of the unique capabilities of the device.

The first video in the series is an introduction. The presentation discusses what the Surface Hub is and is not, as well as the typical design scenarios.

The second video is an overview of what you think about when designing your application's interface for the Surface Hub. Designers need to understand the Natural User Interface (NUI) features of the Surface Hub that are important in emphasizing the social, seamless, and spatial design pillars for your application.

The next video describes an existing UWP app that will be modified for the Surface Hub, and demonstrates how to port it to the Surface Hub.

The following tutorials demonstrate how to write code to use the various features of Surface Hub. These tutorials cover direct manipulation of objects on the screen, inking (including support for multiple pens), avoiding modal controls (to allow for multiple users interacting), adding support for the camera, storing the data in the OneDrive cloud, and adding support for NFC messages (Near Field Communication). In the last video, the specific example is Surface Hub to phone communication.

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