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InfoQ Homepage News Azure Service Fabric SDK Becomes Open Source

Azure Service Fabric SDK Becomes Open Source

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Microsoft recently announced it opened the source code of its Azure Service Fabric SDK. Azure Service Fabric is a distributed systems platform to package, deploy, and manage and microservices. The SDK exposes Service Fabric APIs to integrate .NET applications in the Service Fabric platform.

Only parts of the SDK are made public for the time being. Microsoft explains:

Before Service Fabric shipped publicly as a product in 2015, it was developed as a Microsoft-internal-only platform for over five years. As a result, much of our development process is still deeply rooted in internal build processes, tools, and test suites. So for the time being we are continuing to do our own development internally. Upon each release of the SDK, we will push our latest changes to GitHub. We intend to bring more of our development process and tools into the open over time.

Two repositories hold the open source projects. The first one contains the Reliable services and reliable actors packages:

  • Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services
  • Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Remoting
  • Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Wcf
  • Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Actors
  • Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Actors.Wcf

Reliable Services and Reliable Actor are the two programming models available on Azure Service Fabric. The packages expose APIs to build applications integrating with the Service Fabric platform.

The second repository holds the projects related to ASP.NET Core. The ASP.NET Core packages contain implementations of the Service Fabric interface ICommunicationListener that start the ASP.NET Core web host for either Kestrel or WebListener in a Service Fabric Reliable Service.

  • Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.AspNetCore
  • Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.AspNetCore.Kestrel
  • Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.AspNetCore.WebListener

Open sourcing the SDK was the next step for the Service Fabric team, after using a distinct repository for reporting issues and engaging discussions with the community.

The Service Fabric team accepts pull requests and other contributions on a best-effort basis. Accepted PRs will be integrated and into Microsoft’s internal environment before being published to the public repository, along with a new SDK release.

The Service Fabric documentation is published on Microsoft’s documentation site and available on GitHub. Several code sample repositories can also be found on GitHub.

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