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ASP.NET Core 2 Preview 2 Released

The second preview of ASP.NET Core 2 brings templates for Single Page Applications to Visual Studio 2017, while ASP.NET Core first introduced templates for Angular, Aurelia, Knockout, and React in February.  However with this latest preview, these templates are now also accessible from within Visual Studio's new web application dialog-- specifically including Angular, React.js, and React.js & Redux.  (Aurelia and Vue are available via separate packages and not planned for default inclusion.)

Continuing the ability of trying to provide a compatibility bridge with legacy systems, ASP.NET Core 2 applications may now be built with the .NET Framework.  One of the stated goals for ASP.NET Core 2 is that it will have the ability to run on ASP.NET Core 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.6.1 through its support for the .NET Standard 2.0.

The Kestrel web server sees various management and configuration additions.  Limits can be set for the following parameters:

  • Maximum Client Connections  - Developers can set the maximum number of concurrent HTTP/S connections and the maximum number of upgraded connections (where upgraded can mean a connection that has moved from HTTP to a WebSockets request).
  • Maximum Request Body Size – Sets default for the entire application.
  • Maximum Request Body Data Rate – Ability to set a minimum request rate as well as a per-request minimum data rate.  When a connection falls below the minimum, the connection is timed out.  A grace period is also allowed which can be used to allow connections to get up to speed.

By adding the property <LangVersion>latest</LangVersion> to your project file, the latest C# 7.1 features – Default Expressions, Inferred Tuple Names, Pattern-Matching with Generics-- can be used within ASP.NET Core 2.

A couple of items were pulled from Preview 2 that were previously demonstrated in Preview 1:  NET Core Identify as a Service and default configuration schema for configuring HTTPS, certificates, and authentication.  Microsoft promises that they will return at a later date after they have a chance for greater maturity.

ASP.NET Core 2 Preview 2 is available for download now, with the formal release scheduled for third quarter 2017.


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