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InfoQ Homepage News #WITBragDay on Twitter

#WITBragDay on Twitter

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There was a small twitter storm this past weekend, started by a couple of requests on August 11:   

By the afternoon, the tag was ranked 16th worldwide, and top-ranked or second-ranked tag for 2 hours in the US. What followed became a large list of women in technology, sharing their successes.

Julie Parent tweeted out:

When asked why she contributed, Parent noted: "I decided to participate mostly in a moment of 'Hey, all my friends are doing it, why don't I?', as silly as that sounds.  I saw the tweets from my other female engineering friends (turns out, there are plenty of us!), and reading each one made me feel so positive, which, after this week, I really needed.  I silently thanked them, and then realized that I too had something I could summarize in 140 characters that I was genuinely proud of.  So I wrote a tweet.  I expected just my friends to see it, and I went to bed.  I woke up to quite the surprise the next morning!"

The Hindu and Smart Company Australia picked up on the trend and noted the positivity found in the tweets, and Goldfuss later tweeted "I didn't realize how much *I* needed #WITBragDay."

Some other tweets are listed below - or view them all on Twitter.






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