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InfoQ Homepage News Fable 1.2 Announced along with First FableConf

Fable 1.2 Announced along with First FableConf

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Three months after its first stable release, community-driven F# to JavaScript compiler Fable has reached version 1.2, just in time for FableConf 2017, the first conference dedicated to web development in F# using Fable.

Fable 1.2 includes many fixes and improvements, said Fable creator Alfonso García-Caro in conversation with InfoQ, such as:

  • Compatibility with the .NET Core 2.0 SDK, which provides the foundations to build web applications and services running on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Better integration with .NET package manager Paket, including support for its new storage:none option that allows to get rid of the local cache, thus reducing the size of Fable projects.

Additionally, Fable’s website has been revamped to make it easier to get started with Fable, including the official documentation and code samples. Other useful resources for web development with Fable are, according to García-Caro:

On a related note, García-Caro also highlighted the importance of the forthcoming FableConf 2017 conference:

FableConf will be the first time a community grown spontaneously to bring F# into the JavaScript ecosystem will meet in person under the same roof. Fable contributors and I are working very hard to make this a great event, and we have several announcements prepared to surprise attendees.

FableConf 2017, which will take place in Bordeaux, France on September 22–23, will cover topics such as the creation of safe web apps, data visualization, time-travel debugging, game programming, and more.

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