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State of Scrum Master Salary Report Released

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Stefan Wolpers and Sumit Mehta of the Age of Product have released a State of Scrum Master Salary report, summarizing the responses from over 500 scrum masters across 13 countries. The intent of the research was to identify common career patterns and their financial remuneration.

Key findings from the report include:

  • The Scrum Master role has very little wage gap between men and women
  • Approximately 30% of Scrum Master roles are filled by women 
  • Scrum Masters in the USA and Australia are paid the most (US$100,000-125,000), and in India the least (US$20,000-30,000)
  • Certification is critical to getting a role as a Scrum Master
  • Additional education makes very little difference to the salary paid for the role
  • Around 40% of Scrum Masters have a project management background

The full report can be downloaded here

Glass Door shows a range of US$107,000-114,000 for Scrum Masters and Indeed shows project management roles under the Scrum Master category in the range US$93,000-105,000 in the USA.  CWJobs shows a range of GBP52,500-67,500 in the UK. 


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