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Vote for Java EE's New Name

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The quest to rename Java EE has reached the final phase, with the community being asked to vote for one of two final possibilities.

Wayne Beaton from the Eclipse Foundation commented:

The EE4J PMC considered numerous factors, but in the end the selection process effectively boiled down to identifying those names from the suggestions that the Eclipse Foundation can register and hold as a trademark on behalf of the community.

The choices being presented to the community are: "Jakarta EE" and "Enterprise Profile" - the former choice is owned by the Apache Software Foundation and trademark and other issues have been agreed by them.

Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation remarked in a blog post that:

Obviously, we need to have a high degree of confidence that we can freely use the name around the world if we are going to use it to replace some as well known as Java EE.

The post goes on to provide an update on the progress of migrating Java EE code from Oracle's control into that of the Eclipse Foundation.

The naming poll is publicly available and requires a Google login to avoid ballot-stuffing.

The poll is open until Friday 23rd February 2018.

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