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InfoQ Homepage News CA Announces New Release of Workload Automation Engine

CA Announces New Release of Workload Automation Engine

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Automation vendor CA has released a new version of their workload engine, CA Workload Automation AE, which includes new usability and performance features and direct integration with the CA Automic One Automation platform.

The new version provides out-of-the-box support for AWS and Azure Database Services. Gwyn Clay, VP of product management for CA’s automation business unit, told InfoQ that CA are expanding support of SaaS/PaaS capabilities further still in the next release, and strongly considering Google Cloud Platform. Clay also said:

The new database support was implemented primarily to reduce the total cost of ownership for customers. They are now able to leverage both AWS and Azure database services as opposed to being forced to run in the Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model typically associated with on-premise solutions. Customers will choose to consume or not consume based on their regulatory requirements and business policies.

The new release also contains centralised agent management for audit reporting, diagnosis and resolution with search capabilities, access to log and report files for easier debugging, and access to parameters for synchronous start and stop capabilities. Driving this from a single interface eliminates the requirement to log into remote servers improving control execution for the user.

Enhanced load balancing capabilities reduce overhead and improve scalability and performance without added complexity, which provides consistent and reliable service delivery. Email notifications have been enhanced so that operators or administrators are alerted to resolve problems with exception reporting, differentiated by job statuses, using custom templates. Log files can now be included in emails to enable immediate access to optimise exception processing.

Todd DeLaughter, general manager, CA Automation said:

The new integration with CA Automic One Automation platform provides our customers with the ability to automate beyond core mission-critical workloads into new Cloud, Big Data and DevOps initiatives with Release Automation and Service Orchestration capabilities.

Clark Ammons, a consultant for a large US energy company said:

Millions of people rely on our public service every day. Any interruption of service not only affects us as a utility provider, but also more importantly affects the people living in the communities we serve. We rely on CA Workload Automation AE to ensure our service is not only up and running optimally, but also to make certain our internal software releases as it should. Specifically, this latest version of CA Workload Automation AE empowers our team to eliminate administration tasks by offering streamlined directory management, pre-defined email notifications and enhanced load balancing.

Additional information on the new release can be found on the CA Automic Blog

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