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InfoQ Homepage News Microsoft Announces the Public Preview of the Azure File Share Backup Capability

Microsoft Announces the Public Preview of the Azure File Share Backup Capability

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Microsoft announced the public preview of the Azure Backup integration with Azure Files. With the Azure File Share service, customers will have a cloud solution for file sharing in Azure, which supports the industry Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol standard. The integration of the Azure backup service will offer a native backup solution for Azure File shares.

With the integration of Azure Backup, Microsoft's aim is it to enable enterprise adoption of the Azure Files service further. By using Azure Backup, via Recovery Services vault, users can protect their file shares and have a unified way to secure their files and be assured they can restore data promptly.

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The backup capability will offer new features such as:

  • By using Recovery Services vault through Azure Files Backup users can discover all unprotected storage accounts and file shares within them.
  • Ability to back up multiple file shares at a time in a storage account and apply common policies to them.
  • Enforcing policies automatically with retention periods, which will be managed subsequently by Azure Backup including removing the backup after expiration.
  • Instant restoration of backups through utilization by Azure Backup of file share snapshots, a capability that captures the share state at that point in time. Note that the file share snapshot is in preview and customers will be free during that period.
  • Browsing ability by individual files and folders in Azure Backup.

A typical backup is configured by using the Recovery Services vaults in a region. This service is enabled by provisioning Backup and Site Recovery (OMS) in the portal. A user can create a backup goal, which now includes a new option "Azure FileShare". By selecting an Azure file storage account, the user can specify the file share to backup and choose the appropriate backup policy.

Azure customers can benefit from the new capability accordingly (and explore it for free during the preview period):

  • By having less infrastructure to manage as no agents or VMs are necessary for maintaining and creating file shares
  • Monitoring through a single dashboard for all backup and restore jobs
  • Browsing through files and folders in recovery points using the portal and restore the necessary items

Microsoft plans to release more features for backing up Azure file shares over the coming months. The new capability is available in almost all regions except West India, and Azure Government US DoD Central and East. For more details, please consult the documentation on the Microsoft Website.

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