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InfoQ Homepage News QCon New York 2018 (June 25-29th) Tracks Announced & Registrations Off to a Fast Start

QCon New York 2018 (June 25-29th) Tracks Announced & Registrations Off to a Fast Start

"The conference covers interesting ideas and practical solutions. This conference doesn't just focus on some specific tooling or service. The breadth of topics and the depth of the tracks makes it really valuable."
Anthony Carl, Technical Team Lead @Chatham Financial

The 7th annual QCon New York (June 27-29), a practitioner-driven conference designed for software architects/tech leads/leaders who influence innovation in their teams, has opened registration. With savings of $620 if you register before April 7th, there won't be a better time to reserve your spot for the 2018 professional software development conference.

QCon New York 2018 features 15 editorial tracks, and three additional sponsored tracks. Each "editorial" track (which is what we call the curated talks focused on developer lessons hosted by domain experts in each field) is a collection of software topics in areas such as culture, data science, machine learning, front-end technologies, and architecture. Each of these invitation-only talks focuses on issues software engineering leaders like you, want to know more about. QCon believes in practitioners over evangelists. Here you learn from the committers, the maintainers, and the people moving our industry forward. Join us!

Just like the speakers, our track hosts are individually selected based on their vision for the topics the organizing committee felt were the most important in software today. Some of the early track hosts confirmed include:

All 15 Domain Experts will be announced online at in the weeks to come.

The QCon NY 18 tracks are:

  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About: Next-gen architectures from the most admired companies in software, such as Netflix, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Goldman Sachs
  • Disaster Stories & Architecting for Failure: Lessons building resilient systems and the war stories that drove their adoption
  • Modern Java Reloaded: Modern, modular, fast, and effective Java. Pushing the boundaries of JDK 9 and beyond
  • Practical Machine Learning: Applied machine learning lessons for SWEs, including tech around TensorFlow, TPUs, Keras, Caffe, & more
  • Container Orchestration Platforms/Runtimes: Runtime containers, libraries, and services that power microservices
  • The Serverless Sweetspot: Practical Serverless / FaaS Guidance: where it's being used, beyond the hype; includes Lambda, Cloud Functions, & Azure Functions
  • Microservices: Patterns & Practices: Evolving, observing, persisting, and building modern microservices
  • Productive Cyber Security: Building secure systems: practical lesson building, maintaining, and deploying secure systems
  • Blockchain Enabled: Exploring smart contracts, oracles, sidechains, and what can/cannot be done with blockchain today
  • 21st Century Languages: Lessons learned from languages like Rust, Go-lang, Swift, Kotlin, Python, and more
  • Modern CS in the Real World: Thoughts pushing software forward, including consensus, CRDTs, formal methods, & probabilistic programming
  • Modern User Interfaces: Screens and Beyond: Zero UI, voice, mobile: interfaces pushing the boundary of what we consider to be the interface
  • Privacy & Ethics in Tech: Inclusive technology, ethics and politics of technology; considering bias; societal relationship with tech; privacy problems we have today (e.g., GDPR, right to be forgotten)
  • Empowered Teams: Safely running inclusive teams that are autonomous and self-correcting
  • Developer Experience: Level up Your Engineering Effectiveness: Improving the end-to-end developer experience (design, dev, test, deploy, operate/understand); tools, techniques, and trends

Last year's event brought together over 1,100 practitioners who saw presentations from speakers such as (below are some of the top talks of the year):

If you are a software leader (someone who is the go-to person when things get tough on your team), QCon is your tribe. QCon offers sessions and advice from the world's most innovative shops. These talks will help you grow your career, build your network, and lead your company in 2018. QCon is an amazing balance of what you need in order to be a modern software developer, architect, or leader.

Full coverage from last year's event can be found here.

Registration is $2,215 ($620 off) for the three-day conference if you register before April 7th.

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