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InfoQ Homepage News QLoo Creates GraphQL Interface for Existing Services

QLoo Creates GraphQL Interface for Existing Services

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This item in japanese recently released QLoo, an API translation layer to provide GraphQL endpoints for existing services and serverless functions. As described by Idit Levine, founder and CEO of solo, "Working with GraphQL for greenfield development is a wonderful experience…. Adding GraphQL on top of existing software comes at a cost of added complexity, logic, and development time."

QLoo is based on solo's existing function gateway, Gloo, and both are designed to "glue" together all the components of a system. QLoo provides a configuration-driven, zero code implementation of a single GraphQL API service to unify REST APIs, gRPC services, and serverless functions.

The underlying HTTP routing for QLoo is handled using Envoy, the open source service proxy developed at Lyft. Envoy provides a low footprint and high network performance for calls to external services. Levine also claims, "Envoy adds features such as encryption, authentication, monitoring and metrics with no effort by the user."

Those interested in learning more about QLoo can check out the GitHub repository or join the Slack channel at

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