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InfoQ Homepage News JSUI, a UI Toolkit for Managing JavaScript Apps

JSUI, a UI Toolkit for Managing JavaScript Apps

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JSUI introduces a visual tool for creating and managing JavaScript applications. The project provides utilities and features for both front-end and back-end applications, and most of its features are independent of underlying JavaScript frameworks.

It is common in the JavaScript ecosystem to have numerous applications, without a quick mechanism to view and represent many projects and their dependencies, and JSUI creator Kristijan Ristovski (Kitze) strives to improve this experience.

While very early in its release cycle, JSUI contains a wide range of features to streamline the interaction between JSUI, the command line, source code repository, package information, and remote source code host.

JSUI interacts with application generators for several JavaScript frameworks including React, Vue.js, Angular, Gatsby, and React Native for creating new applications. JSUI provides options for the configuration of generated applications.

For back-end applications or applications with a built-in web server, JSUI provides a quick switch to kill a port. JSUI also offers project file introspection, as well as support for running a number of scripts on a project. JSUI also includes a mechanism for viewing and managing project and development dependencies.

All of JSUI's features are possible to achieve from the command line or other mechanisms. Currently, there is no one feature that JSUI offers that on its own is a must-have, but having a dashboard to quickly view and interact with many JavaScript applications is useful. The current value of JSUI is the combination of features, unified through a friendly UI, that helps make the management of projects simpler, especially for those new to JavaScript, npm, yarn, and frameworks.

JSUI is available under the MIT open source license. Contributions can be made via the JSUI GitHub project. Additional information is available via the @JSUI_app Twitter account.

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