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InfoQ Homepage News BitBucket Introduces Support for Git V2 and Improved Search Functionality

BitBucket Introduces Support for Git V2 and Improved Search Functionality

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Atlassian has launched BitBucket server 5.13, bringing in support for Git v2 and also improving on the way repositories can be searched. This includes a new repository labels functionality, and the ability to find the corresponding pull requests for a commit.

Git v2 is a new wire protocol that was introduced in Git 2.18.0. The core advantage of it is various performance optimizations which speed up how quickly data can be fetched. It is particularly useful for CI / CD servers which frequently clone repositories from BitBucket and run builds.

One of the main ways these optimizations are achieved is through server-side filtering of references. Previously when performing a fetch, every single reference in the repository was sent to the client. This can become slow and problematic when dealing with repositories which have thousands of branches and tags.

The Git core team has published a blog explaining how this has been achieved in detail, and also published the full spec outline the protocol.

BitBucket also now allows you to label repositories. This aim is to help large organizations with many repositories more easily search through and organize them:

Repository labels offer a new way to search and discover the myriad of repositories you’ve yet to encounter. With up to five labels, you can identify a repo by language, framework, service type, and more. On-boarding a new developer? They’ll have an easier time finding related services as they learn repo and project names.

Another way Atlassian has tried to improve search in BitBucket is by displaying links from commits to the pull requests that they originated from. Providing this audit trail aims to help developers understand why a commit was approved and what its original purpose was.

The full release notes for BitBucket Server 5.13 can be read online.


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