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InfoQ Homepage News 13th Annual State of Agile Survey is Open

13th Annual State of Agile Survey is Open

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The 13th annual State of Agile survey has been announced by CollabNet VersionOne. This yearly survey explores the worldwide adoption of agile:

The report gives software professionals deep insight into agile trends, best practices and lessons learned to help them succeed with their agile transformations.

The State of Agile is the longest-running report on agile software development, exploring the adoption and scaling of agile methodologies and usage of agile practices. The report also investigates the challenges that are faced by organizations and the benefits that agile has brought them.

The survey was announced at the Agile 2018 conference and in a press release, where Flint Brenton, CEO at CollabNet VersionOne, reached out to invite people to join the yearly survey:

Technology professionals world round look to the State of Agile Report each year for insights and perspective on software development, methodologies and practices surrounding agile as well as understanding of the challenges faced by organizations.

We invite individuals to share their experiences and by doing so, help contribute to the software development community.

Earlier InfoQ interviewed Lee Cunningham about the State of Agile 2018 report and asked him about the major changes in the 2018 State of Agile report, compared to previous reports:

Lee Cunningham: Most of the trends we track in the survey change only incrementally from year-to-year, and many of them reinforce that the same fundamentals still need to be addressed. Organizational culture is one example of that.

One significant change did emerge this year, though, and that is the importance of customer/user satisfaction as a measure of success, both for agile initiatives (transformation effort itself) and for agile projects. In the past we’ve seen things like "on-time delivery", "quality" and "business value" ranking ahead of customer satisfaction.

Several other yearly agile surveys exist, examples are the State of Testing and the State of DevOps.

The book Accelerate: Building and Scaling High Performance Technology Organizations explores the factors that impact software delivery performance and describes capabilities and practices that help to achieve higher levels of throughput, stability, and quality. The research in this book has been done based on results from the State of DevOps Reports.

The 13th State of Agile survey will remain open until Dec. 1, 2018. Participants will get a complimentary copy of the report ahead of the official launch.

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