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InfoQ Homepage News Microsoft Expands the Availability of Azure Service Bus and Event Hubs

Microsoft Expands the Availability of Azure Service Bus and Event Hubs

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In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced multiple Availability Zone support for Azure Service Bus Premium and Azure Event Hubs Standard. With this support, customers will have a high availability option for these services in the supported regions.

With Availability Zones, Microsoft provides customers with protection against possible complete data center failures. An Azure region that is enabled with availability zones provides the end-user engineer with multiple unique locations, each with a data center. To ensure resiliency Microsoft provides a minimum of three separate zones in all enabled regions, and each data center is equipped with independent power, cooling, and networking. 


Azure customers can enable support for availability zones for the services through so-called Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates by setting the zoneRedundant property to true or by just using the Azure Portal.


The various public clouds besides Microsoft such as IBM, Amazon, and Google have regions with support for availability zones. Moreover, each cloud provider offering availability zones provides support for a range of platform services including queuing and streaming services such as the Service Bus and Event Hubs. Amazon’s AWS SNS and SQS, IBM MQ, and Google Pub/Sub are supported within multiple availability zones to increase availability and business continuity.

In the past, Microsoft added Availability Zones support in preview for the Azure Service Bus Premium tier and the Azure Event Hubs Standard tier in three regions – Central US, East US 2, and France Central. Now the support is generally available and Microsoft has added Availability Zones support in four more regions - West US 2, West Europe, North Europe, and Southeast Asia. Customers can leverage the feature when provisioning new namespaces – migration from existing namespaces is not possible.

More details on the Azure Service Bus and Event Hubs are available on the respective websites including the pricing.

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