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13th State of Agile Report Released

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On 7 May, CollabNet VersionOne released the 13th State of Agile report. Highlights of this year’s report include the level of agile adoption, which has reached 97% of organisations saying that they practice agile development methods. Proficiency in the agile practices is still low, with only 17% of organisations claiming a high level of proficiency with the practices.

Team morale is a significant benefit of agile adoption, with 64% of organisations claiming morale improvements as a measured benefit. The other key benefits are the ability to manage changing requirements (69%), project visibility (65%), business/IT alignment (64%) and delivery speed (63%).

Project success using agile methods is relatively high, with 95% of organisations reporting that at least some of their agile initiatives are successful and 48% saying that most or all of their agile projects are successful. The key success criteria for agile projects remain the same - customer/user satisfaction (46%) and business value delivery (42%).

The drivers for agile transformation remain the same as in the previous year - customer/user satisfaction 52%, business value delivery 48%, and on-time delivery 41%.

InfoQ spoke to Lee Cunningham, senior director of Enterprise Agile Strategy of CollabNet VersionOne, about the survey results and trends he sees from his involvement with the survey over the years.

According to Cunningham, the most significant factors that stand out in the 2019  trends include:

  • Cost reduction as a driver for adopting agile approaches and as a reported benefit of agile adoption
  • The top three factors successful for organisation transformations are investments in internal agile coaches, executive sponsorship and company provided training programs
  • Global adoption of agile approaches is increasing, with North America having a smaller percentage of the total respondents than in previous years

Readers can download the full report 13th State of Agile report via the project's website.

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