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InfoQ Homepage News Google Acquires Elastifile to Expand Its Cloud File Storage Offering

Google Acquires Elastifile to Expand Its Cloud File Storage Offering

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Google recently acquired Elastifile, a provider of scalable, enterprise file storage in the cloud. With the acquisition, Google further extends its current file storage offering, Cloud Filestore, and third-party partner offerings.

The Tel-Aviv based Elastifile founded in 2013 already delivers a fully native Google Cloud service, and addresses file storage for enterprise-grade applications running at scale in the cloud; it provides customers with elastically scale-out or scale-in storage capacity on-demand.  Furthermore, it also offers a service called ClearTier that provides intelligent tiering between file and object storage.


With the acquisition, Google plans to integrate Elastifile with its own Cloud Filestore service to enhance the service's speed and scaling capabilities. In an announcement blog post, Thomas Kurian, CEO at Google Cloud, stated:

The combination of Elastifile and Google Cloud will support bringing traditional workloads into GCP faster and simplify the management and scaling of data and compute-intensive workloads. Furthermore, we believe this combination will empower businesses to build industry-specific, high-performance applications that need petabyte-scale file storage more quickly and easily.

Furthermore, Lucasoft said in a tweet:

A new file storage for #GCP. Great news for #Kubernetes (and other stuff)!



Furthermore, Google states in the blog post that the combination of Elastifile and GCP will support enterprises bringing traditional workloads into GCP faster, and simplify the management and scaling of data and compute-intensive workloads. Industries with petabyte file storage needs for their application will benefit from it; for example, biotech companies for genomic processing or in the entertainment industry for image rendering. 

Also, Naidu Annamaneni, CIO and VP of Global IT at eSilicon said in the same blog post:

The integrated circuit (IC) design process can produce a wide spectrum of compute and storage requirements. This can translate into thousands of cores and petabytes of storage for some portions of the IC design. The combination of Elastifile and Google Cloud provides the scale and performance that we need to successfully deliver these ICs on time and on budget.

Next, to Elastifile, Google announced earlier this year it would acquire Looker, a data analytics company, and Chronicle, previously a stand-alone subsidiary of Alphabet to further strengthen its cybersecurity offering. With these recent additions, Google hopes to accelerate its growth and close the gap between Microsoft and Amazon when it comes to enterprise cloud market share.

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