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Progress Announces NativeScript 6 Release

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The NativeScript 6 release adds support for Vue.js and Angular 8 for creating native mobile applications with web technologies. NativeScript now also supports Progressive Web Apps (PWA), increasing the level of code reuse between web and mobile apps created with NativeScript.

Dmitri Tcherevik, CTO, Progress, explains the benefits of NativeScript 6:

Now developers will be able to ship updates faster, make even smaller app binaries, and the fastest delivery of cross-platform apps that are of the highest quality, providing the best user experience as demanded by our discerning users.

NativeScript 6's support for Angular 8 includes the new Angular rendering engine, Ivy, improving performance for Angular-based NativeScript applications.

Official support for Vue.js arrives in NativeScript 6 including all NativeScript plugins.

NativeScript 6 now supports iOS 13 dark mode, consuming third-party libraries within iOS, and the new AndroidX library, making it easier to support multiple versions of Android.

Developer experience improves in NativeScript 6 with Hot Module Replacement (HMR), allowing developers to see changes to JavaScript and CSS resources without reloading the application during development. HMR can get disabled via the--no-hmr command flag. HMR support gets provided by NativeScript's usage of webpack in the NativeScript 6 CLI.

The NativeScript 6 release improves the TabView component, provides better support for material design, and supports font icons.

Overall, NativeScript 6 provides a competitive alternative to React Native for developers leveraging Vue.js and Angular, as well as general JavaScript and TypeScript application development.

NativeScript is open source software available under the Apache 2 license. Contributions and feedback are encouraged via the NativeScript GitHub project and should follow the NativeScript contribution guidelines and code of conduct.

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