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InfoQ Homepage News Introducing InfoQ Live: a Microservices Virtual Event on Tuesday, August 25th

Introducing InfoQ Live: a Microservices Virtual Event on Tuesday, August 25th

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We are excited to introduce InfoQ Live, a one-day virtual learning event designed for you, the modern software practitioner. You’ll get to deep dive into the topics of building and operating microservices with world-class practitioners and discover practical strategies that you can put to use straight away. Join us on August 25th, 2020, at 9 AM EDT / 3 PM CEST. Register now for only $49

Adopting a microservice-based architecture brings many benefits, such as independent development and the ability to mix technology stacks, but there is "no free lunch". Designing a distributed system is very challenging, and complexity can easily be pushed from the code to the infrastructure.

At InfoQ Live our speakers will help you ask and answer the right questions related to this topic: should you move from a monolith to microservices? What are the new skills my teams will need to learn? And, how do you manage the transition, both from the technical and organizational perspectives?

You’ll learn from speakers who have practical experience working with microservices at scale. Our speakers are technical leaders who have driven change and innovation within their organizations:

More speakers will be confirmed soon. Stay tuned for updates.

The inaugural one-day InfoQ Live event includes:

  • Two tracks, three sessions, and six talks with live Q&A, all taking place in real-time
  • Optional InfoQ Roundtables panel discussions to close the day (sponsored)

InfoQ recently sat down with David Millar, InfoQ live content manager, and learned about the goals of this new event:

We’ve designed InfoQ Live to help you connect with like-minded peers in a virtual setting. Each session features a keynote from world-class practitioners, Q&As, and an opportunity to engage with peers to help answer your questions.  You’ll get actionable ideas you can implement right away.

Join your software engineering peers for the InfoQ Live virtual event, learn from experts, and be part of the conversation about exploring shaping best practices for working successfully with microservices-based architectures.

Register for InfoQ Live for only $49.

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