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InfoQ Homepage News Navigating Complex Software Projects and Leading in Uncertain Times: InfoQ Live, Sept 23rd

Navigating Complex Software Projects and Leading in Uncertain Times: InfoQ Live, Sept 23rd

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On September 23rd, InfoQ Live, a virtual event for software engineers and architects, will focus on leading complex software projects. Now more than ever, engineers are needing to show leadership. From adapting to radical changes, managing complex software projects to spotting missing opportunities that others have overlooked, engineers are leveling-up to become valuable leaders in these current times. But what areas should people be focusing on right now to navigate leadership challenges and create value?

InfoQ Live brings together world-class practitioners such as John Willis, senior director in Red Hat's Global Transformation Office, and Sarah Wells, technical director for operations and teliability @FT, to share their valuable insights and practical advice on software engineering leadership. The virtual event will deep-dive into practical ways to:

  • Navigate complex technical projects and coordinate with other teams to deliver the required business outcomes
  • Plan for cultural considerations for successfully becoming “cloud-native”
  • Understand the importance of team dynamics for improving outcomes
  • Lead teams in uncertain times

Co-located at InfoQ Live are two optional InfoQ Roundtables, live panel discussions between software practitioners. 

InfoQ Live Full Agenda Announced

Sessions and speakers for InfoQ Live are confirmed as: 

Session Spotlight  

Qualitative Analysis for Digital Transformation, John Willis (@botchagalupe), senior director in Red Hat's Global Transformation Office

Digital Transformation requires an understanding of how members communicate and share ideas at the individual, team, leadership, and organization levels. An enterprise’s behaviors are made up of a collection of mental models based on perceptions, relationships, actions, and conflicts between various parts of the organization. Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) is a process that can be used to discover implicit conflicts, incoherence, and misalignment between these mental models.

In this presentation, we will discuss how Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDA) and a QDA approach can be used to analyze group, individual, and leadership interviews to better understand Digital Transformation outcomes. We will also discuss how this QDA approach has been used in a number of financial institutions with some relative use case examples. 

John Willis (@botchagalupe), senior director in Red Hat's Global Transformation Office

Learn more, in less time

InfoQ Live features focused technical sessions, interactive Q&As, and optional roundtables to help professional software development teams accelerate their learning journey.  Attendees to the virtual event will get exclusive access to all talks on-demand after the event.

Tickets for InfoQ Live are priced at $49. Register for the virtual event at

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