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InfoQ Homepage News Google Introduces a New Version of Its Cloud Shell Editor

Google Introduces a New Version of Its Cloud Shell Editor

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Google provides customers with Cloud Shell - a command-line editor in a browser to access their cloud resources directly. In a recent blog post, Google introduced a new version of its Cloud Shell Editor, which is available as a preview.

The Eclipse Theia IDE platform powers the new version of Cloud Shell Editor and extends it to an online development environment that includes:

  • Cloud-native development via Cloud Code plugin support offering capabilities such as an integrated Kubernetes and Cloud Run development and debugging environment, container tools such as minikube, Skaffold, and an integrated API explorer
  • Rich language support for Go, Java, .Net, Python, NodeJS, and editing features such as syntax highlighting, code suggestions, linting, code navigation, refactoring, testing, and intuitive debugging support
  • Additional features such as integrated source control and support for multiple projects


Under the hood, the Google Cloud Shell leverages a Virtual Machine, which has all the tools users will need to get going with cloud-native development on Google Cloud. The tooling includes local emulators for Kubernetes and serverless and command-line tools for working with cloud-native apps. 

Other cloud platforms like Azure also provide shell command line capabilities. For instance, through the Azure Portal, users can fire up the Azure Cloud Shell - which requires a provision of a resource group and storage account before they can execute PowerShell or Bash commands. Furthermore, it provides support for programming languages such as Node.js, .NET, and Python. However, it does not offer an online development environment like Google Cloud Shell Editor, yet there is an integration with an on-premise editor Visual Studio (VS) Code.

A Google PM for Cloud Code said in a Hacker News thread:

Cloud Shell Editor is based on the Eclipse Theia IDE Platform (, which embraces many of the VS Code design decisions and even directly supports VS Code extensions. That's what allows us to run the Cloud Code extension inside the Cloud Shell Editor.

Currently, the Google Cloud Platform customers can try out the Cloud Shell Editor via the GKE and Cloud Run quick start or access it directly from Furthermore, guidance and the Cloud Shell Editor's details are available on the documentation landing page.

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