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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Live: Practical Ways to Integrate Observability into Your Distributed System Architecture

InfoQ Live: Practical Ways to Integrate Observability into Your Distributed System Architecture

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On Feb 16th, InfoQ Live, the one-day virtual event for software engineers, will explore practical ways you can use and integrate observability into your distributed system architecture. 

We’re giving 100% of net ticket revenue* as a donation to Women Who Code, supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in software. If you want to support our cause, book your spot for $19.95.

*Net ticket revenue is defined as the collected ticket price minus applicable taxes, credit card fees, and processing fees.

InfoQ Live Sessions Spotlights

True Observability Needs High-Cardinality by Pierre Vincent, head of SRE @weareglofox.

The growing complexity of architectures and applications today makes it impossible to cover all the things that may go wrong. These “unknown-unknowns” are an inevitable component of distributed systems running in production and cannot be solved with generic system metrics or by searching through billions of unstructured logs. Being able to explore a running application is key to understanding emergent behaviors, and this needs to be done with as much preserved context as possible. 

In this session, I’ll cover how high-cardinality observability unleashes the exploration and debugging power required to properly and quickly understand the reality of our production systems.

Pierre Vincent, head of SRE @weareglofox.

Managing the Risk of Cascading Failure by Laura Nolan, site reliability engineer @Slack, contributor to Seeking SRE, & SRECon Steering Committee.

Cascading failures are vicious cycles, where an initial problem triggers failures elsewhere, which continues to spread. We see these kinds of failures sometimes in our distributed systems, often as a result of client retries. They are difficult to scale out of - your new serving capacity just becomes overwhelmed.

In this talk, we’ll talk about some of the mechanisms that cause cascading failures, what we can do to reduce the risk, and what to do if you find yourself in a cascading failure situation.

Laura Nolan, site reliability engineer @Slack, contributor to Seeking SRE, & SRECon Steering Committee.

Co-located at InfoQ Live are two optional InfoQ Roundtables, live panel discussions between software practitioners: Multi-Cloud Microservices: Separating Fact from Fiction (sponsored by Instana) hosted by Wes Reisz, QConSF chair, co-host of the InfoQ Podcast, & senior engineer @VMware, and  Embracing Production: Make Yourself at Home (sponsored by hosted by Aysylu Greenberg, senior software engineer @Google. Register for the Roundtables for free. 

InfoQ Live features focused technical sessions, interactive Q&As, and optional roundtables to help professional software developers accelerate their learning. Attendees will get exclusive access to all talks on-demand after the event.

Save your spot at InfoQ Live. Register for only $19.95.

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