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InfoQ Homepage News Complimentary InfoQ Live Feb 16 Roundtables. Discover Valuable Insights to Implement Immediately

Complimentary InfoQ Live Feb 16 Roundtables. Discover Valuable Insights to Implement Immediately

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InfoQ Live, the one-day event for developers and engineers, is only a week away (Feb 16). Grab your ticket and deep-dive into practical ways you can use and integrate observability into your distributed system architecture.

We believe the best advice is shared developer-to-developer, architect-to-architect, and team lead to team lead. Attend InfoQ Live and InfoQ Live Roundtables and get advice on how to tackle your challenges directly from domain experts like Pierre Vincent, head of SRE @weareglofox, Laura Nolan, site reliability engineer @Slack, contributor to Seeking SRE, & SRECon Steering Committee, and Blanca Garcia-Gil, principal engineer on Data Platform @BBC.

This InfoQ Live event will help you:

  • Turn advice from world-class practitioners into immediate action items you and your team can implement.
  • Hear how others have solved similar challenges. Discover valuable insights to guide your problem-solving approach.
  • Explore the skills and techniques you can apply to bring clarity and direction to your team.

InfoQ Live Roundtable Spotlights

Multi-Cloud Microservices: Separating Fact from Fiction brought to you by Instana

Implementing an architecture across multi-cloud promises removing vendor lock-in and the ability to shift load during cloud provider-specific outages, but is it real? Is a multi-cloud architecture truly viable? Join a panel discussion with several leaders in the industry where these topics are discussed, and patterns in use today are explained. 

The roundtable is moderated by Wes Reisz, QConSF chair, co-host of the InfoQ Podcast, & senior engineer @VMware, and experts:

  • Idit Levine, founder, and CEO of & Creator of Squash 
  • Bastian Spanneberg, director, site reliability engineering @Instana 
  • Armon Dadgar, creator of Consul and co-founder of Hashicorp 
  • Richard Seroter, director of outbound product management @GoogleCloud

Embracing Production: Make Yourself At Home brought to you by

Being on-call can be intimidating, whether it's your first time carrying a pager or you’re new to the system. Operating distributed systems in production actually makes developers more effective at delivering features; it creates feedback loops by giving essential insights into the interactions of dependencies with your system. Join the roundtable to learn from industry leaders and fellow practitioners about how they embrace production. Discover ways to make it easier for others to onboard and keep the system up and running.

The roundtable is moderated by Aysylu Greenberg, senior software engineer @Google and experts:

  • Michelle Brush, engineering manager, SWE-SRE @Google
  • Shelby Spees, developer advocate @Honeycombio,
  • Kolton Andrus, co-founder & CEO @GremlinInc
  • Haley Tucker, senior software engineer, Resilience Team @Netflix
  • Glen Mailer, senior staff software engineer @CircleCI

We’re giving 100% of net ticket revenue* as a donation to Women Who Code, supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in software. If you want to support our cause, book your spot for $19.95

*Net ticket revenue is defined as the collected ticket price minus applicable taxes, credit card fees, and processing fees.

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