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InfoQ Homepage News Java News Roundup - Week of June 21st, 2021

Java News Roundup - Week of June 21st, 2021

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This week's roundup features news from JDK 17, JDK 18, Java Mission Control 8.0.1, Kotlin 1.5.20, Hibernate Reactive 1.0.0.CR7, PrimeFaces 6.2.30, 8.0.11, and 10.0.3, Eclipse GlassFish 6.2.0, WildFly 24, Micronaut 3.0.0-M2, and multiple point releases on several Spring projects.

JDK 17

Build 28 of the JDK 17 early access builds was made available this past week featuring updates from Build 27 that include fixes to various issues. More details may be found in the release notes.

JDK 18

Build 3 of the JDK 18 early access builds was also made available featuring updates from Build 2 that include fixes to various issues. At this time, there are no release notes for review.

For both JDK 17 and JDK 18, developers are encouraged to report bugs via the Java Bug Database.

Java Mission Control (JMC)

JMC 8.0.1, a patch update since the formal release of JMC 8.0 was made available featuring improvements in the user interface and better use of the Java Naming and Directory Interface. Developers can expect new features and enhancements for JMC 8.1.0 planned for release in August 2021.


JetBrains has released Kotlin 1.5.20, the first point release since the formal release of Kotlin 1.5, featuring improvements to the Kotlin/JVM and Kotlin/Native compilers, Gradle and the standard library. Now that the Kotlin JVM IR backend has been delivered, JetBrains has focused on providing a stable Kotlin/JS compiler that includes a migration guide.


Hibernate Reactive 1.0.0.CR7 was released featuring: a dependency upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.5.2.Final; improving the performance of the CompletionStages.loop() method; adding a new method, withStatelessTransaction(), to the SessionFactory interface; and adding support for the hibernate.jdbc.time_zone property to TIME columns.


PrimeFaces, a provider of open-source UI component libraries, has made available point releases of PrimeFaces 6.2.30, 8.0.11 and 10.0.3. New features and enhancements include resolving a Firefox Flash of Unstyled Content issue and a dependency upgrade to JQuery 3.4.0.


Eclipse has released GlassFish 6.2.0 that now supports Krazo, the compatible implementation of the Jakarta MVC specification. This new version is also being tested on JDK 17.


Red Hat has released WildFly 24 featuring support for MicroProfile Reactive Streams 2.0 and configuration changes to the Elytron subsystem. Development of this new version has also included continued support of WildFly 23, the official version that is Jakarta EE 9.1 compatible, and WildFly Preview that supports JDK 16 and JDK 17. InfoQ will follow-up with a more detailed news story.

The Road to Micronaut 3.0

Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) has released Micronaut 3.0.0-M2 featuring migration to the Jakarta Dependency Injection specification to support the jakarta.inject dependency. As OCI moves closer to the GA release of Micronaut 3.0, there is a planned migration to Project Reactor. More details may be found in the 3.0.0-M2 documentation.

Spring Framework

And finally, over at Spring, after a couple of quiet weeks, a number of point releases were made available on some of their projects.

Minor point releases of Spring Boot version 2.5.2 and version 2.4.8 featuring 53 bug fixes and 33 bug fixes, respectively, were made available that included dependency upgrades and improvements to the documentation for both versions.

Spring Data 2021.0.2 and 2020.0.10 were released featuring bug fixes and dependency upgrades. Both versions, built on top of Spring Framework 5.3.8, may be consumed with Spring Boot 2.5.2 and 2.4.8, respectively.

Multiple versions of Spring Security, version 5.5.1, version 5.4.7, version 5.3.10.RELEASE and version 5.2.11.RELEASE, were made available featuring minor improvements and bug fixes.

Spring Tools 4.11.0 was released featuring support for Eclipse 2021-06 IDE and early access builds the Apple Silicon platform.

One of the Spring Integration 5.5.1 extensions, Spring Integration Zip 2.0, was released featuring dependency upgrades and a migration of unit testing to JUnit 5.

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