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InfoQ Homepage News Microsoft Releases First Preview of Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft Releases First Preview of Visual Studio 2022

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Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1, providing the first opportunity to try the 64-bit version of its popular Windows development tool. The move to 64-bit has been long desired by developers who work on large codebases, as the previous 32-bit incarnations would frequently suffer performance issues when used on complex projects.

Consequently, the switch to 64-bits is the highlight of this preview, and so this release will most likely appeal to types of developers: those looking to see if their large codebases benefit from the move away from 32-bits, and extension authors who need to get started in porting their extensions to the 64-bit environment.  According to Microsoft's Justin Johnson, developers will have to wait until the next preview of VS2022 is released to get a better look at the rest of the planned features.

That said, there is one key feature that all VS2022 users can see firsthand in Preview 1: IntelliCode completions. This expands on earlier code-completion efforts, and as Microsoft's Mark Wilson-Thomas explains, it uses machine learning to provide suggestions based on the context of the open solution.  These cues include the variables, functions, and libraries used in the open solution to inform the suggestions offered.  While IntelliCode is currently limited to C# in this preview, other languages are supported and will be available in future releases.  The following excerpt illustrates how IntelliCode appears to the developer-- while typing in the IDE, the suggestion appears.  It can either be accepted by pressing the Tab key, or ignored by simply continuing to type.

IntelliCode in action

With respect to performance, there are two ways to test out the improvements. First would be to examine whether or not large code bases are more stable in VS2022. The second is respect to startup/load times. On the smaller code bases this author has access to, the speed improvements are not immediately noticeable unless one compares VS2019 and VS2022 side-by-side.

Extension developers will appreciate having Preview 1 so they can get started on upgrading their extension to support VS2022. Extensions will have to be modified to specifically support VS2022, so it is important to get started on the migration as soon as possible.


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