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InfoQ Homepage News Three Tracks Not to Miss at QCon Plus - Interview with Karen Casella

Three Tracks Not to Miss at QCon Plus - Interview with Karen Casella

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During a recent interview, Karen Casella, director of engineering at Netflix and QCon Plus November 2021 Program Committee member, shared with us the three topical tracks she felt software leaders should be paying attention to. 

I started attending QCon about five years ago. I found it very intriguing that it was a conference that was focused on practitioners. I think I've attended many dozens of different conferences throughout my career and one of the things that I love about QCon is that I always walk away with ideas that I can implement.

You often go to a conference, and it's very theoretical but every single time I've attended QCon, I come away with something that I want to try. I think of bringing it back to my team and figuring out how we might use it. I can honestly say QCon is my favorite software conference, and I never miss it because there's just so much that I take away from it.

I've had the pleasure of working on the programming committee now. This will be my second time helping to frame the content for the attendees

Karen Casella, director of engineering at Netflix and QCon Plus November 2021 Program Committee Member

Karen’s three tracks not to miss at QCon Plus 

From Remote to Hybrid Teams: Return to Office?

Last year saw the most radical transformation of the work environment since the advent of the Internet. While remote work is not new, the COVID-19 pandemic instantly forced it upon unsuspecting workers around the world. 

After adapting to fully distributed remote work, teams are now seeing another challenge appear on the horizon. As offices reopen, some workers will be enthusiastically returning to their desks, while others will remain remote. What does the future of work look like in this hybrid world? In this track, we will reflect on the last year of remote work and look ahead to how we will adapt to a hybrid future.

Security: Establishing & Maintaining Customer Trust

Trust is mutual. Our increased reliance on software means increased exposure to risk in many avenues of our lives. These risks are inherent in everything from privacy and governance of the data companies collect to security vulnerabilities in software and systems. How do we ensure the security and privacy of our users to establish customer trust? How do we maintain it?

We adjust our security posture based on the trust of our users in exchange for a better user experience; what is the right balance between security and usability? How do we build systems that scale, that give the right amount of security and control to our users?

Get involved in conversations about customer trust, security, and privacy, and gain actionable insights on how to protect users and their data.

Architectures You've Always Wondered About 

Get hard-learned architectural insights from some of the world’s leading domain experts. Learn how you can improve your architecture’s scalability, reliability, throughput, and performance at the QCon Plus track “Architectures You've Always Wondered About”.

Each track follows a similar format to help you get new perspectives and answers to your questions:

  • Three technical deep-dives with domain experts
  • Live speaker Q&As after the talk
  • Interactive panel discussions between world-class software practitioners
  • Async conversations and questions in the QCon Plus Slack channels

Book your spot at QCon Plus and join your peers this November 2021.

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