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InfoQ Homepage News Explore the Software Engineering Trends That Matter in 2021 at QCon Plus in November

Explore the Software Engineering Trends That Matter in 2021 at QCon Plus in November

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As a senior software engineer, you are frequently learning new languages, frameworks and technologies. You strive to constantly keep your skills relevant, which is a key factor for both your individual development and your team’s success. But how do you know which emerging trends and practices to pay attention to? The QCon Plus hybrid event happening this November provides the answers.

Over the last 15 years, QCon has always focused on the people who create and work with future technologies. We cover the trends, patterns, and practices that are used by leading software engineering teams. It’s a conference where you can find solutions to your challenges, reduce uncertainty, and build out informed roadmaps.

This November at the QCon Plus software development conference, senior software engineers, architects, and team leads will learn from their peers and discuss emerging software trends and practices. Join them to develop your technical and non-technical skills and get valuable insights that you can take home to your team and implement right away. 

Our Programming Committee are all leaders in their respective domains, and they have worked alongside us to shape the topics we cover with the ultimate goal of helping you to cut through the hype and focus on the trends that matter in 2021. 

Stay ahead of the adoption curve

For each QCon, the Programming Committee meets weekly for several months and identifies the key trends that they believe everyone should pay attention to. For QCon Plus November 1-5, the committee has just published their “diffusion of innovation” adoption curve that drives the topics and talks happening at the conference. 

Why should you attend QCon Plus and what can you expect?

At QCon Plus you can expect:

  • Technical talks from software leaders driving innovation and change. 
  • A focus on patterns and practices, not products and pitches.
  • Implementable ideas you can use right after the conference. 
  • Real-time interactive sessions where you can interact with speakers and attendees live.
  • Async learning based on your schedule so you can catch up on talks and conversations.
  • On-demand access to all the talks after the conference.

Curious what others are saying? See what peers have to say on social media about #QConPlus.

Take advantage of the early bird discount and save $250 before August 31st. Book your spot at QCon Plus.

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