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InfoQ Homepage News Find out What to Focus on in Software in 2022; See Randy Shoup’s Top QCon Plus Topics

Find out What to Focus on in Software in 2022; See Randy Shoup’s Top QCon Plus Topics

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Each QCon software conference is individually organized by a committee of senior software leaders who work across a wide spectrum of technology. We ask our committee members to be intentionally opinionated on the hottest topics in software today. We recently interviewed Randy Shoup, VP engineering and chief architect at eBay & QCon Plus November 2021 Committee Member, who shared some of the tracks he is looking forward to at the event this November. 

I've actually been involved with QCon for 14 years. I've been a speaker, then track host and I've been on the program committee for a couple of years on several different QCons. I love QCon. It's one of my very favorite conferences; it covers the gamut of what's interesting in software. I always love attending, participating, and learning from it.

My particular professional interests are distributed systems and DevOps so I'm always interested in the 'Architectures You've Always Wondered About' track. That's always been one of my very favorite tracks and Collin is going to do a wonderful job. I'm particularly excited about Chris Richardson's track around microservices, lessons from the trenches around microservices. And then very humbly I'm going to suggest the track I'm hosting, which is called 'Optimising Your Organisation for Speed' focused on how we apply lean and DevOps principles to organizations. 

Randy Shoup, VP Engineering and Chief Architect @eBay & QCon Plus November 2021 Committee Member

Randy’s Top Track Picks at QCon Plus 

Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Have you ever wondered how well-known tech companies are able to seamlessly deliver an exceptional user experience while supporting millions of users and billions of transactions? Behind every great site is an architecture that enables it to function, innovate and scale. 

Join the Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About track to hear about these next-gen architectures, patterns and anti-patterns, best practices, challenges, and interesting war stories.

The track is hosted by Colin Breck, Sr. staff software engineer @Tesla, and the first confirmed speaker is Jonathan Ellis, CTO and co-founder @DataStax. 

Microservice Patterns and Antipatterns: Lessons from the Trenches

Building and operating distributed systems is hard, and microservice-based systems are no different. Learn strategies for not just building services, but operating them successfully at scale.

We will explore how to address the most difficult challenges presented by these systems: how to manage state; how to respond to failure; how to represent quality and uncertainty in data; how to react to events as they occur so that applications are responsive; how to automatically adjust to system dynamics; and how to instrument these systems to sufficiently understand and control what they are doing.

The Microservice Patterns and Antipatterns: Lessons from the Trenches track is hosted by Chris Richardson, creator of; author of Microservices Patterns & Java Champion, and speakers include:

Optimizing Your Organization for Speed

Learn from expert practitioners on how to improve the velocity and flow of your engineering organization through changes to processes, practices, and team structures. Discover how to put the ideas of Lean, DevOps, and systems thinking into practice in your organization.

The Optimizing Your Organization for Speed track hosted by Randy Shoup, VP engineering and chief architect @eBay & QCon Plus November 2021 Committee Member, includes speakers:

Here's what else you can expect from QCon Plus:

Find out more and book your spot at QCon Plus November 2021.

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