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Customizable Pricing and Cost Visibility with AWS Billing Conductor

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Recently, AWS announced AWS Billing Conductor (ABC), allowing enterprises to quickly provide customizable pricing and cost visibility for their end customers or business units. The service does not impact the billing and invoicing relationship between customers and AWS, as it is intended for enterprises that have specific showback and chargeback needs.

AWS Billing Conductor is a part of the AWS Cloud Financial Management solution, which provides customers with procedures and tools that enable their organizations to manage cloud spend and maximize their cloud investment. With Billing Conductor, customers have access to a customizable billing service, allowing them to customize their billing data to match the desired business structure.

Users of the service can organize their accounts into mutually exclusive financial groups known as billing groups. The billing parameters for each group, such as pricing rules and custom line items, can then be defined. After users define each billing group, they will be able to view the output of their configuration by billing group on the billing console bills page. In addition, they can generate a Cost and Usage Report (CUR) for each billing group.


In an AWS Cloud Financial Management blog post, the authors Matt Cowsert and Bowen Wang from AWS stated:

With the launch of the AWS Billing Conductor (ABC), it's easier than ever for FinOps teams to configure, generate, and share the right rates to the end-users –  irrespective of the rates the customer has negotiated with AWS. With ABC, customers can group end-user accounts, apply custom pricing rules, add custom line items (e.g., shared support costs and other internal overhead costs), and generate CURs for each end customer within 24 hours of setting up their ABC configuration.

In addition, Hassan Hosseini, co-founder and CEO at Infracost, tweeted:

The new AWS Billing Conductor is going to be super useful for showback and chargeback. I remember users requesting this feature from us back in 2014. However, this will make it harder to understand costs upfront. Not built for developers at all.

The AWS Billing Conductor is currently available in all public AWS Regions, excluding the China (Beijing) and China (Ningxia) regions. More details are available on the documentation web page and FAQs. And lastly, the pricing details of AWS Billing Conductor can be found on the pricing page.

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