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InfoQ Homepage News Java News Roundup: Microsoft Joins MicroProfile and Jakarta EE, GlassFish, Payara, Micronaut

Java News Roundup: Microsoft Joins MicroProfile and Jakarta EE, GlassFish, Payara, Micronaut

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This week's Java roundup for July 11th, 2022, features news from JDK 19, JDK 20, Microsoft joins MicroProfile and Jakarta EE working groups, Jakarta EE 10 update, Spring updates, Payara Enterprise 5.41.0, GlassFish 7.0-M7, Micronaut 3.5.3, Hibernate Search 6.2.Alpha1, Native Build Tools 0.9.13, Project Reactor 2022.0.0-M4, Piranha 22.7.0, PrimeFaces updates, JobRunr 5.1.5 and Tomcat Native 2.0.1.

JDK 19

Build 31 of the JDK 19 early-access builds was made available this past week, featuring updates from Build 30 that include fixes to various issues. More details may be found in the release notes.

JDK 20

Build 6 of the JDK 20 early-access builds was also made available this past week, featuring updates from Build 5 that include fixes to various issues. Release notes are not yet available.

For JDK 19 and JDK 20, developers are encouraged to report bugs via the Java Bug Database.

Microsoft Joins MicroProfile and Jakarta EE Working Groups

Microsoft has joined the Jakarta EE Working Group as an Enterprise member and the MicroProfile Working Group as a Corporate member. Julia Liuson, President Developer Division at Microsoft, describing the goal of Microsoft joining these working groups, writing:

Our goal is to help advance these technologies to deliver better outcomes for our Java customers and the broader community. We're committed to the health and well-being of the vibrant Java ecosystem, including Spring (Spring utilizes several key Jakarta EE technologies). Joining the Jakarta EE and MicroProfile groups complements our participation in the Java Community Process (JCP) to help advance Java SE.

InfoQ will follow up with a more detailed news story.

The Road to Jakarta EE 10

On the road to Jakarta EE 10, Ivar Grimstad, Jakarta EE developer advocate at the Eclipse Foundation, announced in his Hashtag Jakarta EE weekly blog that the release of Jakarta EE 10 is "imminent" as three remaining Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) issues still need to be resolved:

  1. CDI Language Model TCK failure in GlassFish
  2. Jakarta Concurrency 3.0 TCK contains remote Jakarta Enterprise Beans
  3. Jakarta RESTful Web Services 3.1 TCK contains tests for Jakarta XML Binding 4.0

Grimstad also stated that the Eclipse GlassFish project team is working on a fix and pull requests to resolve these items with a small possibility that the all three Jakarta EE profiles - Platform, Web and Core - could be ready for release review ballots soon. The Jakarta EE Platform profile has passed the TCK and a Compatibility Certification Request has been filed for GlassFish 7.0.

Spring Framework

Versions 2022.0.0-M5, 2021.2.2 and 2021.1.6 of Spring Data have been released featuring bug fixes and corresponding upgrades to all (or most) of the Spring Data subprojects. Spring Data 2022.0.0-M5 includes a dependency upgrade to Hibernate 6.0 and the 2021.x releases may be consumed by the upcoming releases of Spring Boot.

Spring Framework 6.0.0-M5 and 5.3.22 have been made available to the Java community:

Spring Native 0.12.1 has been released featuring: adding a hint for Sleuth in the R2dbcTransactionManager class and publishing the Jakarta EE 10 TCK results. There were also dependency upgrades to Spring Boot 2.7.1 and Native Build Tools 0.9.13. Further details on this release may be found in the release notes.


Payara has released the July 2022 edition of their Payara Platform as an enterprise-only release. Payara Platform Enterprise 5.41.0 edition delivers two bug fixes, two component upgrades and improvements that include: the Upgrade Tool that fixes an issue with the file; Payara Micro shutdown using Ctrl+C; and updated Docker images that include Azul Platform Core for Distribution. It was also announced that Payara Platform 4 will enter the extended support phase as of August 2022. More details on this release may be found in the release notes.

Eclipse GlassFish

On the road to GlassFish 7.0.0, the seventh milestone release was made available by the Eclipse Foundation to deliver changes such as: adding a concurrency API JAR to the default JSP Servlet configuration; a JDK 17 profile for the MicroProfile dependency; integrating OmniConcurrent RC3; and adding a TCK runner for Jakarta Bean Validation specification. Further details on this release may be found in the release notes.


The Micronaut Foundation has released Micronaut Framework 3.5.3 featuring a fix for a runnable JAR that affected applications built with Grail 5.2.0 and Micronaut. More details on this release may be found in the release notes.


On the road to Hibernate Search 6.2.0, the first alpha release has been made available featuring a new standalone POJO mapper that allows developers to map arbitrary objects to an index, even if those objects are not Hibernate ORM entities. Custom integrations are now possible with NoSQL datastores.

GraalVM Native Build Tools

On the road to version 1.0, Oracle Labs has released version 0.9.13 of Native Build Tools, a GraalVM project consisting of plugins for interoperability with GraalVM Native Image. This latest release provides: a reversal in a change in the NativeImagePlugin that removed publicly accessible constants, such as NATIVE_TEST_EXTENSION, that broke external plugins. Further details on this release may be found in the changelog.

Project Reactor

On the road to Project Reactor 2022.0.0, the fourth milestone release was made available featuring dependency upgrades to the reactor-core 3.5.0-M4 and reactor-netty 1.1.0-M4 artifacts and a realignment to milestone 4 with the reactor-pool 1.0.0-M4, reactor-addons 3.5.0-M4, and reactor-kotlin-extensions 1.2.0-M4 artifacts.


Piranha 22.7.0 has been released. Dubbed the "Welcome Servlet 6/EE 10" edition for July 2022, this release includes: an initial HTTP server implementation using virtual threads; support for Jakarta Servlet 6.0; and an initial implementation of the Servlet TCK. More details on this release may be found in their documentation and issue tracker.


PrimeFaces, a provider of open-source UI component libraries, has made available point releases of PrimeFaces 8.0.19, 10.0.14 And 11.0.6. Notable fixes in this release include: a required second click to close the DataPicker panel; a JavaScript error upon invoking an AJAX request; a broken @RequestScoped annotation model; and filterBy and sortBy operations failing when performing a column ordering change.


Ronald Dehuysser, founder and primary developer of JobRunr, a utility to perform background processing in Java, has released version 5.1.5 that ships with notable bug fixes to resolve: ElasticSearch not supporting more than 10 recurring jobs; and Spring auto configuration prematurely initializing some Spring beans that resulted in missing functionality of other components.

Apache Tomcat Native

The Apache Software Foundation has released version 2.0.1 of Apache Tomcat Native, an optional Apache Tomcat component that allows Tomcat to use OpenSSL as a replacement for Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) to support TLS connections. New features include: the JNI API has been reduced to only support Tomcat's OpenSSL-based TLS implementation; the minimum supported versions upgraded to OpenSSL 3.0.x, Apache APR 1.7.x, Java 11, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2; and the Windows binaries built with OpenSSL 3.0.5. The APR/native connector is no longer supported in this branch. Further details on this release may be found in the changelog.

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