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InfoQ Homepage News QCon Plus (Nov 29): Level-Up on the Engineering Trends You Might Need To Embrace

QCon Plus (Nov 29): Level-Up on the Engineering Trends You Might Need To Embrace

At the QCon Plus online software development conference this November 29 to December 9, over 1,500 senior software engineers, architects, and team leads will learn about important trends our Program Committee believes will have the most impact on software development.

Join a global community of senior software engineers as they explore use cases and learn about emerging best practices from 80+ real-world practitioners. Attendees will develop their technical and non-technical skills and get valuable insights they can take back to their team to implement right away. 

QCon Plus Track Spotlights

We brought together industry leaders to identify and share 15 major software topics every software developer and technical leader should pay attention to. Stand-out tracks include:


MLOps is an emerging engineering discipline that combines ML, DevOps, and Data Engineering to provide automation and infrastructure to speed up the AI/ML development lifecycle and bring models to production faster. It is one of the widely discussed topics in the ML practitioner community.

This track will explore the best practices and innovations the ML community is developing and creating.  Key areas of focus include declarative ML systems, distributed model training, scalable and low latency model inference, and ML observability to protect the downsides and ROI. - Track host: Hien Luu, Sr. engineering manager @DoorDash

"Before & After": Hybrid Work Strategies

Many of us have dreamt about escaping the daily commute, working remotely and flexibly, and having an entire world of career options available to us. However, we didn’t realize that this ideal would become a reality so quickly. We’re currently unlearning the practices of decades of colocated office work as we adapt to our new found flexibility. We need to understand how to work efficiently and effectively, how to structure our work and our teams, and how to grow our careers in this remote and hybrid world. 

This track will explore the great opportunities and challenges that remote work brings to our companies and our industry, while deep-diving into the tools and strategies needed to embrace as we shape the future. - Track host: James Stanier, director of engineering @Shopify

Architecting for Change at Scale

Regardless of industry, programming language, or company size, change is a necessity in technology. We can’t effectively anticipate all future evolutions, but we can learn from past experiences to inform how to make our systems easier to change without over-engineering. The ability to safely and effectively deploy change at scale can be the difference in beating competitors to market, mitigating zero-day vulnerabilities, keeping developers happy, and ensuring customers have a reliable product.

Change is present every day in how we evolve our systems and release features. It is there when we decide to adopt a new technology or migrate systems from one solution to another. It’s also there when we need to rapidly address large-scale vulnerabilities at scale like we saw last year with log4j.

In this track, attendees will learn patterns and practices to help them architect systems and tooling with agility top of mind – enabling technology to keep up with the needs of the business while minimizing risk and technical debt. - Track host: Haley Tucker, senior software engineer for productivity engineering @Netflix

Architectures You've Always Wondered About

How do the internet-scale tech giants deliver exceptional user experiences while supporting millions of users and billions of operations?

In QCon's marquee Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About track, attendees will learn what it takes to operate at a massive scale from some of the best-known names in our industry. Everyone will take away architectural patterns and anti-patterns, challenges and hard-earned lessons, and some very exciting war stories. - Track host: Randy Shoup, VP engineering and chief architect @eBay

Explore more tracks here 

I love the variety of topics. It is my annual recap of the technology industry and helps me keep up with what the industry considers modern and state of the art. And mostly I like the fact that people are open about sharing both their successes and failures.” - Nikhil Mohan, senior MTS/ engineering @Salesforce.

Make the right decisions by uncovering how senior software developers at early adopter companies are adopting emerging software trends at QCon Plus this Nov 29-Dec 9. Book your seat now and save with our Limited Early Bird Tickets.

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