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InfoQ Homepage News NTT Announces a Fully-Managed Edge and Private 5G Offering as a Service

NTT Announces a Fully-Managed Edge and Private 5G Offering as a Service

During the VMware Explore Event, the VMware partner NTT, an IT Infrastructure company, announced a new Edge-as-a-Service (EaaS) service as the first globally available, fully-managed edge and private 5G offering. 

VMware and NTT collaborated on the offering. With NTT contributing its multi-cloud and edge platforms, network segmentation capabilities, and expertise in the transition from private to public 5G. While VMware delivered secure application development, resource management automation, and real-time processing capabilities. The companies will market the offering through coordinated co-innovation, sales, and business development.

The service, which VMware’s Edge Compute Stack powers, includes Private 5G connectivity and will be delivered by NTT across its global footprint running on Intel network and edge technology. It will allow businesses to track, analyze, and act on data wherever it is generated or collected. Businesses in multiple industries, including manufacturing, retail, logistics, and entertainment, can benefit from leveraging the service.

NTT explains on their website the concept of the Edge-as-a-Service:

By moving data processing closer to the edge and increasing bandwidth availability, cloud services become more efficient. This is especially true when robust private networks support data transfer and enable real-time capabilities. Edge as a Service solutions combine ultra-low latency, and high-bandwidth connections between edge devices and the cloud, enabling advanced edge computing and delivering game-changing experiences.  

According to IDC, the spending on edge hardware, software, and services will reach $176 billion this year – an almost 15% increase over 2021. The firm predicts the spending will approach $274 billion in 2025. In addition, NTT sponsored a survey of 216 technology executives and predicted that private 5G networks would become the standard across industries.  

Shahid Ahmed, Group EVP, New Ventures, and Innovation CEO at NTT, said in a press release:

The combination of NTT and VMware’s Edge Compute Stack and Private 5G delivers a unique solution that will drive powerful outcomes for enterprises eager to optimize the performance and cost efficiencies of critical applications at the network edge. Minimum latency, maximum processing power, and global coverage are exactly what enterprises need.

Regarding private 5G networks, public cloud vendors AWS, Google, and Microsoft also offer services, including the recent AWS Private 5G, Google’s private network solutions, and Microsoft’s Meta Fusion Core and Affirmed Private Network Service (both Azure Marketplace offerings). Separately, they also offer edge computing offerings; however, not a managed edge and private 5G offering from NTT and VMware.

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