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InfoQ Homepage News GitLab Releases Single-Tenant SaaS Offering for Strict Security and Compliance

GitLab Releases Single-Tenant SaaS Offering for Strict Security and Compliance

GitLab has released a new product - GitLab Dedicated - for customers in industries with strict security and compliance requirements wishing to move their DevOps software solutions from on-premise to the cloud.

GitLab Dedicated is a single-tenant SaaS offering in a location of your choosing - for those customers for whom multi-tenant SaaS is not an option. It provides similar functionality to GitLab's regular SaaS offering, but with more choice over data residency and how that data is managed. Data in GitLab Dedicated is encrypted at rest and in transit using the latest encryption standards, and it provides a completely isolated instance of GitLab with private networking, without the overhead of the organization having to run it themselves.

GitLab's public-facing SaaS offering by definition cannot cater for the needs of customers in some regulated environments - so GitLab Dedicated provides options for single tenancy and clear definition of the country in which the organization's data is stored. Further, multiple geographically-dispersed replica sites are now available to cater for organizations that need low latency for workforces around the world.

The release cadence for GitLab Dedicated is one month behind that of the non-dedicated product, but with the latest security releases included. It comes with SAML OmniAuth functionality, allowing it to connect to the majority of identity providers (IdPs). Networking is either via a public IP address or by using private connectivity with AWS PrivateLink, enabling traditional perimeter security desired by many enterprises.

Running solely on AWS, it is available in 24 of the 30 AWS regions - with the remaining six currently not supporting the features needed by GitLab Dedicated. It supports the majority of GitLab's extensive functionality, though amongst those features not available are server-side Git hooks, custom domains, multiple login providers, Bring Your Own Key encryption, GitLab Pages, Service Desk and GitLab-managed runners.

GitLab Dedicated is currently in limited availability, with a wait list available via GitLab's website for those organizations wishing to purchase 2,000 seats or more. General availability is expected to follow based on the proven scalability of GitLab Dedicated - though no timescales are currently publicly available.


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