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InfoQ Homepage News OpenAI is Rolling out ChatGPT Plus as a Premium Service

OpenAI is Rolling out ChatGPT Plus as a Premium Service


OpenAI has announced the release of ChatGPT Plus, a premium version of its well-liked ChatGPT chatbot. The new service intends to give users a premium experience that includes ChatGPT access during peak hours, priority access to new features and upgrades, and quicker response times.

ChatGPT Plus could be the first of several upcoming proposals aiming to monetize what’s become a viral phenomenon. In addition to an API, OpenAI is actively evaluating options for more affordable plans, business plans, and data packs.

Access to ChatGPT will continue to be free, however the pricing model for subscriptions will make it easier to keep access to free content widely available.

OpenAI has announced that it will use the knowledge it gained from ChatGPT's research preview to continue developing the chatbot:

We launched ChatGPT as a research preview so we could learn more about the system’s strengths and weaknesses and gather user feedback to help us improve upon its limitations. Since then, millions of people have given us feedback, we’ve made several important updates and we’ve seen users find value across a range of professional use-cases, including drafting & editing content, brainstorming ideas, programming help, and learning new topics.

Early in January, OpenAI provided a sneak peek at ChatGPT Plus by stating that it was beginning to think about ways to monetize ChatGPT and published a survey outlining the potential costs and features of a ChatGPT Professional plan. 

Despite criticism and a number of suspensions, ChatGPT has proven to be a public relations success for OpenAI. By any standard, ChatGPT had an enviable user base of over a million members as of the beginning of December. Yet, running the service costs money. 

The operational costs of ChatGPT, which come to a few cents per chat in total computer expenditures, are "eye-watering" says Sam Altman, co-founder and CEO of OpenAI. The current cost of ChatGPT Plus is $20/month with faster response times and priority access. 

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