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InfoQ Homepage News OpenAI Releases an Advanced Classifier to Distinguish AI and Human Writing Styles

OpenAI Releases an Advanced Classifier to Distinguish AI and Human Writing Styles

OpenAI is releasing a trained classifier to distinguish between text written by a human and text written by AIs. This classifier comes from a growing need for technologies that can help discern between material authored by people and that written by machines.

According to OpenAI, this new AI classifier is a language model that has been improved on a dataset made up of pairings of texts on related subjects that were both written by humans and generated by AI. The information was gathered from a variety of sources, including pre-training data from InstructGPT and replies to prompts that were thought to have been created by people.

However, the classifier has limitations and shouldn't be depended upon exclusively, according to OpenAI. When determining the source of a text, it should be utilized in addition to other techniques.

AI text classifiers are constrained due to the nature of language, AI systems may find it challenging to fully comprehend the nuances of human writing, which is intricate, and frequently context-dependent. As a result, there's a danger that important details and complex facets of the text being studied by AI text classifiers will be overlooked, which might lead to inaccurate predictions.

The importance of detecting AI generated text and its effects are acknowledged since the launch of ChatGPT, the AI system that has received high accolades for its ability to comprehend and react to a variety of questions and prompts with amazing accuracy and speed. It generates human-like prose using deep learning techniques.

In that order, the ability to distinguish between writing written by machines and text authored by people is becoming more and more crucial as AI generated material becomes more and more common. Teachers, students, and suppliers of educational services are among the groups that OpenAI is asking for comments and any useful materials they may have.

As part of its goal, OpenAI seeks to deploy substantial language models in a responsible and safe manner, working together with impacted communities. In addition, OpenAI has produced a resource manual that covers how to use ChatGPT as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

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