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InfoQ Homepage News JetBrains Releases Rider 2023.1 EAP 6 with Improvements in UI and Debugging Experience

JetBrains Releases Rider 2023.1 EAP 6 with Improvements in UI and Debugging Experience


Recently JetBrains released Rider 2023.1 EAP 6. This new release contains some UI improvements: adding Compact Mode, project tabs for macOS users and the option to split the tool window area. Additionally, EAP 6 improves the debugging experience for developers.

The development of Rider 2023.1 is progressing rapidly. A few weeks ago, versions EAP 4 and EAP 5 were published consecutively.

In order to enable UI improvements, go to Settings/Preferences | Appearance and Behaviour | New UI, and then restart the IDE.

The first enhancement is about adding the option to split the tool window area to conveniently place all windows. For adding a tool window to this area and placing it at the bottom, drag its icon along the sidebar and drop it under the separator. Alternatively, it is possible to right-click the icon to bring up the context menu and assign a new position for the tool window using the Move To action.

There is also Compact Mode, which provides a more comfortable experience on smaller screens. This is achieved through the reduced height of toolbars and tool window headers, reduced spacing and complements, and smaller icons and buttons. Compact Mode can be activated by going to the View menu and selecting Appearance | Compact Mode.

Another feature is dedicated to developers working on macOS - the project tabs. When a user has several projects open, they can now switch between them using the project tabs displayed below the main toolbar.

The EAP 6 version also introduces an improvement to debugging. Starting a debugging session for an ASP.NET Core application in Rider causes the IDE to open a new browser window or tab. Until now, starting multiple debugging sessions left multiple tabs open, which then need to be closed manually. Starting with EAP 6, whenever debugging an ASP.NET Core application with the JavaScript debugger enabled, Rider will close the corresponding browser tab when the process is stopped.

Below the release post, Jonathan Dunn wrote the following comment: 

Hi, I love most of the new changes, but one thing that was annoying was the automatic switch to the new 'Dark RC' colour scheme. It's nice, but some of the font colours were not to my liking.

Sasha Ivanova, a marketing content writer in .NET tools at JetBrains, answered that will share this feedback with the team. Sasha also suggested a short-term solution: 

In the meantime, what do you think of the colour scheme options available through the plug-ins? There is one called Darcula Darker and it provides more contrast to the familiar palette.

The entire changelog of this release is available on YouTrack.

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