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InfoQ Homepage News Open Liberty Unveiled: Embracing Cloud-Native Java Microservices, Jakarta EE 10 and beyond

Open Liberty Unveiled: Embracing Cloud-Native Java Microservices, Jakarta EE 10 and beyond

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IBM unveiled Open Liberty, boasting support for Java SE 20, Jakarta EE 10 and MicroProfile 6.0. This significant release introduces the Jakarta EE 10 Core Profile, Web Profile, and Platform, as well as enhancements to various features that comprise the profiles. Additionally, the release includes the new MicroProfile Telemetry 1.0 specification and updates to the Metrics, OpenAPI, and JWT Authentication specifications. Open Liberty marks a milestone in the runtime's development since its inception over five years ago.

The Jakarta EE 10 release signifies a major milestone, being the first Jakarta update since Java EE 8 in 2017 and the first since Oracle donated Java EE 8 to the Eclipse Foundation. The release includes numerous updates to existing specifications and introduces the Core Profile, tailored for lightweight runtimes like Open Liberty, to optimize the operation of cloud-native Java microservices.

The Jakarta EE Core Profile, new for Jakarta EE 10, features Context and Dependency Injection 4.0 Lite, JSON Binding 3.0, RESTful Web Services 3.1, JSON Processing 2.1, Annotations 2.1, Interceptors 2.1, and Dependency Injection 2.0. Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) 4.0 Lite further enhances support for lightweight runtimes and microservices. This streamlined version of CDI 4.0 provides developers with the essential features for building cloud-native Java applications while minimizing resource consumption, improving startup times, and optimizing overall performance. With CDI 4.0 Lite, developers can now leverage the power of CDI in a more efficient and agile manner to meet the ever-evolving demands of modern Java development.

This release also includes Jakarta EE Web Profile 10, encompassing Jakarta EE Core Profile 10, Authentication 3.0, Context and Dependency Injection 4.0, Concurrency 3.0, Expression Language 5.0, Faces 4.0, Security 3.0, Servlet 6.0, Standard Tag Library 3.0, Persistence 3.1, Server Pages 3.1, and WebSocket 2.1.

This release presents Jakarta EE Platform 10, which includes Jakarta EE Web Profile 10, Authorization 2.1, Activation 2.1, Batch 2.1, Connectors 2.1, Mail 2.1, Messaging 3.1, XML Binding 4.0 (optional), and XML Web Services 4.0 (optional). To enable Jakarta EE Platform 10 or Web Profile 10 features, developers need to add the respective feature to their server.xml file.


For the Core Profile, enable its equivalent by adding specific features to your server.xml file. To run Jakarta EE 10 features on the Application Client Container, developers need to add an entry in their application's client.xml file. For more information, developers can leverage the Jakarta EE 10 specifications, Javadoc, and content on the differences between Jakarta EE 10 and 9.1.

MicroProfile 6.0 is also a part of Open Liberty, bringing with it Jakarta EE Core Profile 10 and enhancements to the MicroProfile ecosystem. The new MicroProfile Telemetry 1.0 feature, along with updates to MicroProfile Metrics 5.0, OpenAPI 3.1, and JWT Authentication 2.1, are all included in this release, ensuring compatibility with the latest industry standards.

Java SE 20 support is another key addition to the Open Liberty release, offering developers access to the latest features and improvements in the Java ecosystem. Additionally, this update includes numerous bug fixes, further enhancing the stability and performance of the runtime.

Developers can get started with Open Liberty using Maven, Gradle, or container images. The release is available for download on the official Open Liberty Downloads page, where the Jakarta EE 10 and MicroProfile 6 packages have been added. Developers seeking assistance can ask questions on Stack Overflow, where the community actively provides support and guidance.

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