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Microsoft Introduces Visual Studio Code Extension for SharePoint Embedded


Last week Microsoft released a preview version of the SharePoint Embedded extension for Visual Studio Code. The extension enables developers to set up Azure Entra app registrations for SharePoint Embedded easily. As stated, it also helps manage free trial container types, create guest apps, load sample apps, and export settings for use with the SharePoint Embedded Postman Collection.

With the note that to use the SharePoint Embedded Visual Studio Code extension, users must log in to an existing Microsoft 365 tenant with administrative privileges. Additionally, it is necessary to have enabled SharePoint Embedded on the Microsoft 365 tenant if not done previously.

The SharePoint Embedded Visual Studio Code extension introduces several mentioned features for developers to efficiently work with Azure Entra app registrations. When creating or configuring these registrations, the extension associates each container type with an Azure Entra (AD) application. Whether opting for a new or existing application, developers can set up the connection for optimal compatibility between SharePoint Embedded and the extension, with caution advised against such updates on production applications.

(Create or Choose an Azure App within VS Extension)

In the domain of free trial container types, as reported, the extension simplifies the creation and management process. Developers can easily add multiple guest apps such as web, mobile, or background processing to an existing container type,

Upon creating a free trial container type, the extension provides a user-friendly feature to load SharePoint Embedded sample apps. This action automatically populates the runtime configuration file with pertinent details from your Azure Entra app and container type. As a result, developers can promptly execute the sample app on their local machines, following the instructions outlined in the file within each sample app.

Furthermore, the extension enhances the integration of SharePoint Embedded with the Postman Collection. By allowing the export of Container Type and Azure Entra app settings to a Postman Environment file, developers gain a straightforward mechanism to explore and utilize SharePoint Embedded APIs.

The generated environment file includes vital variables for authentication and identification, facilitating an immediate import into Postman and enabling developers to easily initiate calls to SharePoint Embedded APIs.

For readers not familiar with SharePoint Embedded, the following is described in the official Microsoft documentation:

Microsoft SharePoint Embedded is a cloud-based file and document management system suitable for use in any application. SharePoint Embedded is a new API-only solution that enables app developers to harness the power of the Microsoft 365 file and document storage platform for any app, and is suitable for enterprises building line of business applications and ISVs building multitenant applications.

Currently, SharePoint Embedded is available for public preview, with general availability scheduled for mid-2024. The pricing model adopts a pay-as-you-go approach, wherein users are charged based on the storage utilized and the volume of API calls and data transfers. Notably, this model eliminates the requirement for additional user licenses. Further details on pricing and availability can be found in the additional information provided by Microsoft.

Lastly, developers interested in this extension can take a look at the official GitHub repository for this project.

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