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InfoQ Homepage News .NET Inline C# Action Feature in Logic Apps: More Flexibility and Control for Developers

.NET Inline C# Action Feature in Logic Apps: More Flexibility and Control for Developers

Microsoft has announced a significant enhancement to its Azure Logic Apps service by introducing .NET C# inline code execution. This new feature enables developers to call C# code directly within their workflows, providing greater flexibility and control over custom logic and complex operations.

Azure Logic Apps is a cloud-based service that allows users to automate workflows and integrate applications, data, and services across organizations. Adding .NET C# inline action is designed to help developers implement custom logic within their workflows more efficiently. Previously, complex logic required external Azure Functions or Logic Apps' built-in connectors, which could add overhead and complexity to the development process. In addition, the C# Inline action complements the custom code feature in VS Code that the company introduced previously for invoking .NET FX and NET8 (public preview) functions written and deployed to a Logic App.

According to the company, running C# code inline within Logic Apps can improve performance by minimizing the latency of calling external services. This direct execution model can result in faster response times and more efficient workflows, especially in scenarios that involve rapid data processing or real-time integrations.

To use the new inline code feature, developers need to add the "Inline Code" action to their Logic Apps workflows and specify the C# code they want to execute. The inline code is executed within the workflow context, allowing it to interact seamlessly with workflow variables, inputs, and outputs.


Inline C# Action Logic Apps (Source: Tech Community blog post)

The feature receives positive feedback from the community, yet Chris Bradshaw comments:

 Should have been a day one feature! Great that it’s finally here though…

Although with great power comes great responsibility, I can see people doing some wildly big include scripts.

Kent Weare, a principal program manager for Logic Apps at Microsoft, told InfoQ:

As customers look for low-friction ways to extend workflow capabilities, being able to author C# scripts allows developers to enrich their solutions quickly and without requiring additional dependencies. This will enable developers to focus on solving the business problem promptly and efficiently without leaving the designer's experience. While we offer full IDE support for .NET FX and .NET 8 code extensibility, this feature addresses lighter use cases without leaving the workflow designer.

Lastly, the .NET C# inline action is now available to all Azure Logic Apps Standard users, and Microsoft encourages developers to explore its capabilities to enhance their workflow automation projects.

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