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InfoQ Homepage News Agile Alliance Announces Leadership Changes for 2007

Agile Alliance Announces Leadership Changes for 2007

On Friday, following the close of the Agile2006 conference, the Agile Alliance announced their new leaders for the 2006-2007 program year.  At the annual conference, Agile Alliance members voted seven new members to its board from the slate of candidates mailed out earlier this year. This increases board membership by two members to its maximum of 12. New members are:
  • Jennitta Andrea, senior consultant with clearStream (Canada);
  • Todd Little, senior development manager for Landmark Graphics (USA);
  • Ryan Martens, founder and chief technology officer for Rally Software Development (USA);
  • Elizabeth Hendrickson, president of Quality Tree Software (USA);
  • Mike Griffiths, senior technical director at Quadrus (Canada);
  • Willem Van den Ende, independent consultant at Living Software (Netherlands); and,
  • Mary Lynn Manns, Ph.D. Professor at the University of North Carolina - Asheville (USA).
These join returning board members:
  • Rachel Davies (USA)
  • Jutta Eckstein (Germany)
  • Ron Jeffries (USA)
  • Brian Marick (USA)
  • Angela Martin (UK)
The new board has elected officers for the coming year as follows: the chair of the Agile Alliance is Rachel Davies, an independent coach and founder of Agile Experience Limited (UK). Elizabeth Hendrickson will serve as secretary on the board and Ryan Martens has been elected treasurer.

Outgoing members, having generously contributed their time and energy for one year or more, are
  • Mike Cohn, outgoing chair (USA)
  • Ole Jepsen (Denmark)
  • Diana Larsen (USA)
  • Jeff Patton (USA)
  • Rebecca Wirfs-Brock (USA)

The Agile Alliance is a non-profit organization which exists to serve the community of practitioners and academics who are dedicated to promoting the concepts of Agile software development.  From the Agile Alliance bylaws, its specific purpose is detailed as follows:

To provide an unbiased forum within which the community can freely work to discuss, promote, and improve agile development processes;

To encourage scientific research in current and potential uses of agile processes;

To share information about agile processes;

To provide an opportunity for education in agile processes;

To provide a medium of communication with user groups in similar areas;

To provide an opportunity for the formation of programs that further these purposes;

To assist members in keeping abreast of new information regarding agile processes as changes and advances occur; and

To communicate information and accomplishments to news media and to specialty magazines serving the field.

In a related story, the Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN) also announced leadership changes.

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