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Agile at Dr. Dobb's Conference

Dr. Dobb's Architecture & Design World 2006 will take place July 17-20, in Chicago, IL. This conference gathers together the industry's top experts and visionaries to deliver relevant, practical training. All four conference tracks include valuable input from important thinkers in the world of Agile software development.

With four registration options and a team discount, the organizers have made an effort to make the conference financially accessible.

There will be a keynote by Edward Yourdon, titled Beyond UML, Erds and DFDs: The Evolution of Modeling in the Next Decade. His introduction to this session includes this provocative statement:
Perhaps the most important evolution will be "extemporaneous models" of "ad hoc" systems, which more and more organizations are creating from open-source components, XML, RSS and other Internet technologies. As Mr. Yourdon will demonstrate, system developers may not have the time or resources to create formal models of such systems in advance, but it will be critically important to create such models "on-the-fly," as the systems "emerge," so that they can be maintained and trusted for mission-critical applications.
Following are the planned sessions by Agile founders, writers and thinkers. Some of the session descriptions explicitly mention Agile methods, others do not. Of course, what really counts is the quality of the speakers, and these are among the best.

Architecture & Design Track
Security Threat Modeling: Creating Secure Architectures Granville Miller
The Challenges of Embedded/Real-Time Development Stephen Mellor
The Art of Telling Your Design Story Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
Test Driven Development With JUnit Elliotte Rusty Harold
Principles of Object Oriented class Design Robert C. Martin
Advanced Principle of Object Oriented Component Design Robert C. Martin
Using MDA to Promote Your Architecture Jon Kern

Modeling Track
Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD): Scaling Agile Methods Scott Ambler
Scaling System Design Stephen Mellor
Building and Implementing Concurrent Specifications Stephen Mellor
From UML to Embedded System – Is it possible ? Stephen Mellor
Introducing Problem Frames Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
Interactive Agile MDA Jon Kern
MDA Distilled Stephen Mellor
Model Driven Development Face-Off (Panel)
Applying UML: Best Practices and Future Perspectives Darius Silingas

Process & Methods Track
Test Driven Development Immersion. Robert C. Martin
A Brief Tour of Responsibility-Driven Design Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
Update on the Unified Process: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Definitely Something Blue Scott Ambler
SCM Patterns for Agile Architectures Brad Appleton
Evolutionary Database Development: The Next Leap Forward Scott Ambler
Using Shadow Architectures Granville Miller
A Closer Look at Agile MDA Methods Jon Kern
XP, RUP, Scrum, MSF??? Picking the Right Software Process Scott Ambler

Usability Track
From Use Case to User Interface Jeff Patton
Software Design, Interaction Design: The View Across the User Interface Divide (Panel)
Designing for Handheld Usability James Hobart
Designing Usable Web 2.0 Applications James Hobart
Rapid Prototyping to Drive Requirements James Hobart

This year's Program Schedule is searchable, so you can look for subjects of particular interest - search by day, track, session format, speaker and/or keyword.

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