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Apache Geronimo 1.1 Released

With this release of Geronimo you can finally run it on Sun Java 1.5 VM, as long as you don't require CORBA. Another notable change from the 1.0 release is that Geronimo now is available in two distributions, one full and certified J2EE 1.4 distribution and one "stripped down" distribution - "Little-G" - that only incudes a minimal installation with a Jetty or Tomcat http server.  Geronimo has been rearchitected around a new Plug-in model that allows a user to dynamically combine different server features and apps.

Signficant changes, from the official release notes:
  • Geronimo applications, server features, and integrated products can be  distributed as Geronimo plugins.  Plugins are easy to install, automatically   download any dependencies, and do not require server restarts. Using the plugin infrastructure, applications or modules can be copied from  one Geronimo installation to another (from developer to developer, test to  production, etc.).
  • Deployment plans have been updated, ConfigId has been replaced by a more  complete ModuleId structure. Previous releases of Geronimo will require  modifications, refer to the Geronimo documentation for further details.
  • Tools and commands have been also updated to reflect the ConfigID -> ModuleId change as well as geronimo-config-1.1.xsd -> geronimo-module-1.1.xsd schemas.
  •  More functionality has been included in the Administrative Console   (http://localhost:8080/console/). Memory utilization graphics, more Thread  Pools, remote HTTPd configuration wizard and plugins are some of these new  features.
  •  All the applications (except for those deployed via Hot Deployment) are stored in the /repository directory. Previous config-store has  been removed.
  • Enhanced SMTP support.
  • Keystore configuration.
  • Geronimo also supports in-place deployments.  This means an archive or a directory  can be deployed without being copied into the Geronimo directory structure.
Little-G is an alternative distribution offered in Geronimo 1.1.  This new distribution has a reduced footprint.  It comes with either Tomcat or Jetty  as WebContainer options.

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  • What's in "Little G"

    by Jason Carreira,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    So what all is bundled in "Little G"? If I wanted a servlet container + ActiveMQ + possibly ServiceMix, what would be the easiest way to put that stack together, hopefully with some admin tools?

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