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InfoQ Homepage News Apple to Include Ruby on Rails With Next OS X Release

Apple to Include Ruby on Rails With Next OS X Release

As the Ruby on Rails framework celebrates its second birthday, Apple has announced that Ruby on Rails is going to be included with both OS X Leopard Server and Client editions, due for release in early 2007. A demonstrative package has also been included with the developer preview build of Leopard given to developers today at Apple's developer's conference.

David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby of Rails, hails this as a great acknowledgment from Apple, particularly as all of the core Rails development team is Apple based, along with a large share of Rails users. And in connection with Rails' second birthday, David presents his feelings on Ruby and Rails' growth over the past couple of years:

So for my (delayed) celebration of Rails turning two years old, I salute all early adopters who dared stick their neck out and be the subject of ridicule from their suspicious peers.

Let’s share a brief moment of guilty pleasure for proving them wrong, then move on to the longer lasting pleasure of simply sticking to it for our own sake. And have understanding for those conditioned by past disappointments to classify all that is new and ripe with passion to be uninteresting, to be all hype, no calories.

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