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InfoQ Homepage News BEA Workshop (formerly M7 NitroX) 3.1 Adds EJB3, JPA, Spring

BEA Workshop (formerly M7 NitroX) 3.1 Adds EJB3, JPA, Spring

BEA a couple of weeks ago released BEA Workshop Studio 3.1, which is the former NitroX Eclipse productivity tools that BEA acquired when they bought M7 last year.  NitroX was an Eclipse RAD product that supported Struts, Hibernate, Java Server Faces and JavaServer Pages. BEA Workshop 3.1 is not related to WebLogic Workshop which is the tooling over the the Apache Beehive project.

Main features (see release notes) of the new release is the EJB3 ORM Workbench with support for multiple EJB3 persistence providers: BEA Kodo, Hibernate, or Generic EJB3 provider. It also  bundles the Spring IDE Project for Spring Bean development, and it has also been updated to integrate with Eclipse Web Tools Project 1.0.2.  BEA Workshop has a number of features which replace WTP (like debugging) but WTP also added a lot of functionality to BEA Workshop.

Another unique innovation in BEA Workshop over other tools is the AppXRay technology builds a complete database of all the artifacts (Struts actions, tags, EJBs) in an app and how they are connected allowing the IDE to understand when changes in one layer might break aspects of another (beyond typical compile time checks), dependency aware code completion, dynamic validation and error checking.

In future releases BEA will be combining WebLogic Workshop and Workshop into one product.

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