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InfoQ Homepage News BEA updates Aqualogic Service Bus

BEA updates Aqualogic Service Bus


BEA Systems has released an update to several Aqualogic products including Aqualogic Service Bus 2.5.


BEA's Aqualogic product line consists of a set of components designed to address the needs of enterprises deploying SOA solutions. This set of products evolved from components built internally such as BEA's project "quicksilver" (Aqualogic Service Bus), and "liquid data" (Aqualogic Data), but also products which orginated from outside the company such as Aqualogic User Interaction (Plumtree Portal, acquired by BEA), Aqualogic Business Service Interaction (Fuego's Business Process Software, acquired by BEA) and also Aqualogic Registry (OEM software from Systinet, a division of Mercury Interactive).


Although some of these components have been acquired only recently, BEA is working on integrating them with one another and with other BEA products such as Tuxedo and WebLogic products.

New features in version 2.5 of Aqualogic Service Bus include:

- Dynamic routing to proxy services

- Message pipeline-level alerts to SNMP, JMS, or Email destinations

- Exposed JMX API for monitoring

- Automatic publishing to UDDI registries

- Enhancements to proxy services:

- Java callouts, enabling POJOs to be involved with pipelines

- Custom Transport SDK, for integrating any transport into the bus

- New transports include:


Integration with Tuxedo

- Security improvements

- Improved mediation between different security standards & transports

- Standards support includes WS-Security tokens for X.509, Username/Password, and SAML 1.1


In addition to Aqualogic Service Bus, BEA also updated Aqualogic Service Registry to v2.1 and Enterprise Security to v2.2

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