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InfoQ Homepage News Big Turnout for Ruby Meetup in San Francisco

Big Turnout for Ruby Meetup in San Francisco

The IRC channel was abuzz this morning with talk of the SF.rb group drawing 100 attendees last night. According to the fantastic writeup by June Todd Huss, 80-90 people attended the June 12th, 2006 San Francisco Ruby Meetup at CNet. The presentations by well-known Rails practitioners focused on real-world best practices.

Derek Haynes of Highgroove Studios in Atlanta spoke about how his firm approaches projects using Ruby On Rails. He also covered his view of the strengths and weaknesses of the platform. Graham Glass talked about his work with a startup building new tools for educators. Andre Lewis showed how he's using Rails and AJAX techniques to integrate with Google Maps for the site he's building, a directory of cafe's with wireless access in San Francisco.

Which Ruby user group will be next to post similar numbers? Perhaps Chicago, Atlanta, or will it be NYC? The New York group already packs in 40-50 people a month into a small space! A partial, although international, list of user groups is available on the Rails wiki.

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