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Bonita Cooperative Workflow 2 Released

Bonita  2.0 Cooperative Workflow System has been released today.  Bonita is an workflow/BPM solution for handing long-running, user-cooperative workflows.  Bonita is implemented as an EJB 2 and JMS application and is released under LGPL license. Bonita implements the Workflow Management Coalitions's XPDL (XML Process Definition Language). Traditional workflow features like dynamic user/roles resolution, activity performer and sequential execution are also supported.  Processes are created or updated using a graphical definition tool or programmatically via EJB 2 or Web services API's, processes can also be dynamically updated at Runtime.

Major new features in version 2 include XPDL support, a re-write of the iterations mechanism, JDK 1.5, internal timer services replaced by EJB 2.x timer service, iteration unit tests, and more. Bonita implements the following concepts:
  • A process is a set of activities. In BONITA, the term project is also used.
  • An activity is an atomic unit of work. In BONITA, activities are also termed Nodes.
  • A transition is a dependency expressing an order constraint between two activities. In BONITA, transitions are also termed Edges.
  • A property is a workflow unit of data, commonly known as workflow relevant data.
  • Hooks are the source code units that will be executes at runtime by the execution engines and which are associated to the workflow process activities. These hooks should be written in Java or in one of the object scripting lenguages available in Bonita (TCL, BeanShell).
  • A mapper is a unit of work allowing dynamic role resolution at workflow instantiation.
  • A performer assignment is a unit of work adding additional activity assignment rules at run time.
Bonita is released via the ObjectWeb Consortium, and has a number of production deployments.  Bonita is also available via JSR 168 portlets in Exo's enterprise content management project.   

Story lead submitted by Valdes Faura Miguel.

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